Friday, November 18


So, obviously this week I still did not get all my updating accomplished. I promise to work on it. We've just had a crazy week! LK came down with a stomach bug, Gray had shots and was running a high fever/up ALL night two nights in a row, and we've had cheerleading practice EVERY night this week (competition is Sunday and we're DONE! thank the heavens!). Good Gracious! This weekend isn't any better.. Ethan has a brithday party this afternoon, cheer practice AGAIN tonight and tomorrow morning, Cheer Off on Sunday followed by the Cheer Party, and Chris and I are heading down to Oxford tomorrow night for the Ole Miss/LSU game. Now, it wont be much of a game at all... but the Grovin' will be spectacular! :) {Dear LSU, I really want to enjoy myself in the Grove and have a great time with old friends.. We all know you're going to win (as much as we hate to admit it!), so please just get the W graciously and dont slaughter us! Thanks much, ME!} Hopefully it wont be absolutely freezing! None the less, I have a cute dress, boots, and lots of whiskey ready to keep me warm! :) One happy girl!

Here are some more iPhone dump pics to keep you busy in the meantime..

Huck is becoming a great big brother! And Gray is loving his big brother!

Big Smooches!

Sweet Boys!


Gray is becoming quite the little Hercules! He likes to bust out of all of his chairs. He stood up in his bouncy and about flipped himself over! He does the same thing with him Bumbo.

He also likes to pull his bottle rack in his bathtub! Good thing there were only few bottles and I didn't have to re-wash all of them!

Ethan decided to color the concrete and himself with chalk!

Reason #3,275,987 why I love being Mrs. Stickles!

All 3 napping

He LOVES his exersaucer! He also loves his johnny jumper. I'm going to have to get a pic of that soon!

Aunt B got G a Pluto toy from Disney World. He loves it! I hope we get to meet Pluto in March!!

My gorgeous girl enjoying a yummy Newks lunch!

We had Aunt Lyns and Uncle Ricky over for dinner a few weeks ago. They loved getting to play with Lyns.

Teething is in full force! (has been for about 3 weeks! - and we've spotted a tooth!) The drool is out of control!

I thought this was precious. This was after Ethan's ear surgery. Huck wouldn't leave his side!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm going to try really hard to get everything updated next week!!


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Anonymous said...

Your life sounds as busy as mine! My daughter cheers & cheerleading season about runs us to death!

Hope you guys enjoy the game & it isn't freezing cold!

My son has the same little sleeper (the blue, orange & brown one). We recieved it in a swap actually :)

Great post! I love real life post. Hope you & yours enjoy the weekend!