Tuesday, November 1

Hello November!

Well, today marks the start of my Christmas shopping season! My goal.. to have it almost completed by Thanksgiving! I did it last year and it relieved SO MUCH stress!!! I've already got my lists ready to go for the kiddos and most of the family members, now I just have to buy! (Chris' favorite part.. ha!)

This year, we're going to use our upcoming Disney trip as their BIG Christmas gift, so we're taking it easy on all the other things. Chris told me I had to take it easy this year since he just spent almost $5K on a vacation! haha! SO.. here are the items that I'm looking at for the kiddos...

Lilly Kate

iPod Touch... she's been begging for one!

American Girl Doll accesories. This year, she told everyone that she doesn't want another doll, she just wants clothes and accesories. She also wants some of the craft kits.

This year I'm upgrading LK and E's PB Anywhere chairs and getting them the bean bags!

She also has Barbies, pink glitter Toms, a Vera Bradly purse, and a cork board and pictures for her room on the list!


He's getting one heck of a CAT tractor!! This has been on his list for a few years and he's FINALLY getting it! (really just b/c we now have two boys so it will get ALOT of use!)

He's dying for some Star Wars and Ninja lego systems.

He's also getting some superhero figures, a pair of Toms, and some Leapster games. (That doesn't sound as much as LK, but there are several of those Lego systems that he wants! ha!)


My sweet little man is getting his very own PB Anywhere Chair! I bought these with LK and E and LOVE them!! Best chair for little ones! Luckily, I'm using the insert from one of the kiddos chairs, so I only have to purchase a new cover! (See, Chris.. saving money!!) ;)

E wants Gray to have the Batman Little People set. Fisher Price must have known that Ethan Stickles was going to have a little brother! ;)

Spinning Speedway

Animal Sounds Zoo

Croc Wagon

Other than that, Gray is getting bath tub toys and clothes!

For stocking stuffers, I'm doing Wii games.

So.. that's my Christmas list for the kiddos.. What do you think? Think it'll be ok?? I'm thinking that they'll probably be disappointed a first with just seeing a few things and then when we tell them about Disney, they'll be ecstatic and won't even remember the toys!! ha! Am I missing any new hot toys out this year??


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Emily said...

My only suggestion...Ellie got that crocodile last year. It's not that awesome and she never played with it. It doesn't really do much. Gray may LOVE it, but it wasn't a hit in our house! Everything else looks great. Lucky kiddos! We are going small this year. She still has stuff from last Christmas that we are pulling out of the closet!