Wednesday, November 9

Our Favorite Family member turns 2!

I am SO SO behind on posting!!!! On October 15th, we celebrated our sweet puppy dog's 2nd birthday! Huck is our favorite family member and is such an added joy to our daily lives! I just can't imagine our life and our home without him! He has absolutely loved being the "baby".. until Gray arrived.. and is spoiled rotten. He's the only full-blooded lab I know that hates being outside and doesn't care too much for water! ;) He's so well behaved and is just the sweetest thing you'll ever meet! It makes me laugh when he jumps for joy, just like LK and E, whenever Noni & Papa or Memaw come over. He expects just as much love and attention as they get!

I was going to bake him a cake, but when I saw this "Huck Mini-Me" cake at Kroger, I had to grab it. The kids thought it was the coolest thing! I even had them put his name on it! :)

He got lots of gifts from the kiddos and from Noni and Papa!

He knew it was his day.. he was SO excited!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!! ALL my babies!

We picked up some doggie cookies from the doggie bakery!

He loved his cake!

He loved playing with all of his new toys. Although, there was stuffing ALL over my house for a good week afterwards! :)


We are even thinking of adding another "friend" to the family come springtime. We're not sure if we want another lab (chocolate or black) or a golden retriever. Definitely a big dog. As much as LK would love a smaller dog (and I would LOVE a King Charles Spaniel!) there's NO way it would survive long with all the rough and tumble boys in the house! :) Any suggestions??



Natasha said... the party recap and the cake if TOO cute!!!! well, i am partial to labs, but other great big dogs are weimeraners

Manda said...

LOVE that you had a birthday party for Huck! I totally want to do one for Abby but the hubby has vetoed the idea!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Huck! That mini cake was seriously the cutest thing ever. Looks like he really enjoyed his big day!

I'm such a fan of labs- they are really great dogs. We had a chocolate lab & he was just the best and so beautiful!