Tuesday, November 8

Ethan's Surgery

This past Thursday, Ethan had surgery on his ears. He had tubes put in when he was about a year and a half old. Well, they never fell out! LK's fell out just after a year of having them and she hasn't had any ear problems since then. Ethan's, on the other hand, haven't and he's continued to have sinusy/ear troubles. (he gets it from me! poor guy!)

Luckily, his doctor was able to schedule it at LeBonhuer East so it was literally right around the corner from home. Which was really nice since we had to be there at 6:30! I took E, while Brittany came over to stay with LK and Gray. Chris went into work, with hopes that he would be able to leave and come home. Everything went really smoothly. We got there at 6:30 and got called right back to get checked in. Everyone there is so pleasant.

E played in the toy area while we were waiting.

At about 7:30, it was his turn and the nurse came to get him. We walked back to the "Bunny Room" and he chose a microphone for his toy. I was actually ok leaving him this time b/c we've done this a few times already!

Well, the waiting room in the back was completely packed full of patients and parents (apparently Thursday is their busiest day!) so the man in charge of shuffling everyone around asked me if I wouldn't mind sitting in the front waiting room for just a few minutes until he found an open room for me. I didn't mind at all, so I walked up front. About that time, Chris walked it. He was able to leave work and spend the day with us recouperating. We were sitting there for only a minute or two when the receptionist jumped up and ran toward the back. She returned with another nurse and they were poiting toward the ceiling. We looked to where they were pointing and saw exactly what had alarmed her... SMOKE! It was pouring from the ceiling!!!! They told us to go back into the back waiting room and then they pulled the fire alarm! Talk about your heart dropping to your knees! My baby had JUST been taken back to surgery and now there was a fire in the building and I could not get to him! I felt so helpless!! So, they split everyone up.. one parent and thier child could go back to the "recovery" area to wait for surgery and everyone else had to evacuate the building. Fortunately they let Chris stay with me since Ethan was almost finished. So, we were all crammed into the recovery area, behind the fire proof doors. The alarm was EXTREMELY loud, but definitely not as loud as the 4 firetrucks that came rushing into the parking lot! I'm still not sure what exactly happened, but I heard something about squirrels playing in the attic with the wires??! Whatever it was, they got the alarms turned off and everything back to normal in about 20 min, just as Ethan was being wheeled out of surgery.

His surgery went great! They removed the tubes and put patches in his ears in hopes that we dont have to put anymore tubes in! We waited in recovery for about 30 min and then we were headed home! We were home and napping by 8:30! When I told Ethan about everything that happened, he immediately said, "I can't believe I missed the firemen!" haha! That's a boy for you! :)

A few hours after we got home, he was back to normal and bouncing everywhere!


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