Monday, November 21

The day is FINALLY here!

Yes, it's true! Kate Spade Saddle Creek is officially open! Can you picture the ginromous grin on my face? :) I have been anticipating this day for months! At one point I even asked Chris if I could get a part-time job there.. ha! He very seriously said No.. smart man! I can't wait to go by this weekend while I'm out Black Friday shopping!! I stole a few pics off FB...

It just screams.. "Come IN!"

Doesn't it just look FUN?! I just want one of everything! :) {not too much to ask, right??!}

On another note. Are you signed up for Birchbox? If you're not, do it! Right now! I am LOVING it! They'll send you samples of fun and new high end beauty products every month to try out! Only problem.. you'll love them and want to buy every single one of them!

I got my first box this month.. these are the goodies! I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the Anastasia mascara! It works wonders on my 3in long blonde eyelashes!!!! I am almost out of my sample, so it looks like Birchbox may be getting their first order from me very soon!

Today is just a whole bunch of goodness!



Ben and Emily said...

Oooh! I may have to check it out this weekend!

Thanks for the info on birchbox. Going to check it out now.

Kyndi said...

Love it!! I think we would be good shopping buddies in guys seriously need to plan a trip!! Room and Board would obviously be free at our place :)

Cherish said...

My obsession right now is black and white houndstooth. This store has it in abundance. I wish I lived in your town so I could go to this store too.

Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

MMmmm isn't it great? Can't wait for the pink package every month!!