Tuesday, November 1

My Incredi-Family!

This past Saturday we held our annual family Halloween party! It was, yet again, a huge success! We always look forward to it. We typically let the kiddos pick out their own costumes for trick-or-treating and the Halloween carnival at church, then we all dress up as a family for our party. It's always so fun coming up with fun family costume ideas!

Some of our outdoor Halloween/Fall decorations

I just love this cute little burlap door hanger!!

I definitely took advantage of my pinterest boards and made some adorable decorations for the party!

Who doesn't love a candy corn cupcake??!

Thank you pinterest for all these CUTE ideas!!! Everyone loved the pumpkin rice krispie treats! These, along with some Scarecrow candy mix, also made adorable teacher treat bags for school!!!

Some more pinterest decorations! :)

SO.. or family costumes for this year.... THE INCREDIBLES!!!!! Now that Gray has joined our pack, we had enough family members to make the superhero team! I think I completely bought Target out of black and red t-shirts and leggins, but we looked CUTE! (if I say so myself!) ;) My fingers are probably permanently hot glue gun burned from gluing on the insignia to all the t-shirts and making the masks! ha!

Ethan - Dash, Lilly Kate - Violet, Gray - Jack Jack, Me - Elasti-Girl, Chris - Mr. Incredible
{and yes.. those are tights! haha!}

My sweet Incredi-Kids!

I think his hair STILL has gel in it!

I dont know who was having more fun.. Chris or the kids! ;)

Noni and Papa did SO good on their costumes!!

The Incredi-Kids beating up the monsters!

Our littlest Incredible only made it so long, then he was down for the count. He looked so precious though!

When Brittany and Brian got there, the girls broke out the Just Dance on the Wii. LK was a little TOO good at that game!! I think Chris grew a few more gray hairs! ;)

E wanted to join in on "Kung Fu Fighting"

After the girls were finished dancing, he and the boys played Superhero Squad.

Miles came along with B & B. He as dressed as Billy Ray Cyrus.. HILARIOUS!! Mullet and all!

Little Man just before he finally gave in for the night. Look at those super sleepy eyes!

We had such a fun night!! I already can't wait till next year and the kids are already coming up with costume ideas! :) LOVE my kiddos!!! Last night, they all went trick-or-treating, so I'll try to get those pictures posted tonight! I'm again WAY behind on blogging, so I have alot of posts to get up!! I promise that I'm going to fall off the bad blogger bandwagon soon.. PROMISE!



Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, you guys are the cutest!! I love those costumes, so cute and perfect!

Kyndi said...

I love that you guys were the Incredibles!!