Tuesday, November 8

Pumpkin Carving

After the fall festival, we decided to head to Germantown so that I could pick up some pumpkin carving kits from Hobby Lobby. I had been by there a few days earlier and noticed that they had a Star Wars kit and I just knew that Ethan would love it. Luckily, they still had it and I was right!! While we were in that area, we decided to go to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I've been to Mellow Mushroom in other locations before, but had never been to the one in Memphis. It was DELISH! We all really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Chris and I split a Jamacian Jerk chicken sandwich along with a Philospher's Pie.. YUM!

After running errands and eating dinner, we headed home to get our pumpkins carved! Ethan chose Yoda for his pumpkin and LK had chosen a Barbie carving kit from HobLob. Neither of them were very easy! It took Chris and I forever!! Of course, the kids lost interest within the first 15 min! ha! At least they did most of the yucky part.. cleaning the insides! ;)

YODA! Chris did a GREAT job!!!

Barbie.. I did this one.. not too bad! Just a few pieces from Barbie's name missing! ;)

The kiddos LOVED them!!

Hopefully next year, they just want to do the traditional jack-o-lantern faces!!


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Rachel said...

Love that Barbie one! Looks like y'all had a blast :) Pumpkin carving was always one of my favorite memories as a kid!