Monday, November 7

Fall Festival

The weekend before Halloween, we went to the annual Fall/Halloween Festival at Ethan's school. The church always holds such fun events. We look forward to getting to see all of his friends and their parents. They've actually gotten so use to the festival & trunk-or-treating thing that they could really care less about actual trick-or-treating. Which is fine by me.. less candy in the house! ;)

My sweet little monsters! :)

We did a little trunk-or-treating..

and even ran into Ms. Haley and her girls!

What festival is complete without face painting??!

Unfortunately Gray's costume hadn't arrived yet, so he didn't get to dress up. I dont think he minded all that much though b/c it turned out to be a very warm day! He would have been WAY too sweaty in his costume!

He loved all the chaos!!

The kiddos got to play some games, jump in the bounce houses, and just run around and have a ball!

My First and my Last!

Just before we were leaving, we let the kiddos pick out some large carving pumpkins from the patch! Ethan pretty much just grabbed the first one he saw. LK took FOREVER, just like always, making sure that she got the perfect one! (LOVE HER!)

We had such a fun time!! Can't wait for next year!


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