Thursday, November 10

Tricks & Treats

We went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night and had a blast! I actually stayed home and passed out candy. I had come down with a terrible migraine that afternoon and just wasn't up to walking the neighborhood. So, Chris took all three kiddos out on his own! I was extremely impressed! :)

Passing out candy before they left!

I loved their costume choices this year! I couldn't believe that they picked these out all on their own w/o any persuasion from me! :)

Gray's costume came in just a few days before Halloween and it was PRECIOUS! He was the sweetest caterpillar ever! Funny thing.. the "cocoon" part is normally supposed to come up to just under his arm pits. Well, on my beast of a child, it BARELY came up to his waist! So, I had to put together a onesie to go along with his costume. I ended up sewing buttons to look like a caterpillar (thank you, Pinterest!). It turned out pretty cute! I just LOVE the hat!!! He's been wearing it a few times when it's been really cold in the mornings.


Chris joked that he almost looked like a mermaid... too funny!

Gray was not too excited about having to wear the hat!

He was out about three houses in... poor guy!

After trick-or-treating, it was time to inspect the candy and eat a piece (or several, if you're Ethan Stickles!)

Little Man was very interested in what was going on!

Look at that DROOL! It's out of control these days!!

Ethan kept saying that he wasn't tired.. well, this is what we found about 3 min after we put him to bed. Bless that little boy!

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Cassie & Joey said...

Ok so I am out of the newborn loop but need to get back in it lol what is that cute fabric "thing" on your carseat? Im assuming its to protect your arm hehe, and where can I get its too cute!! And second LOVE the blue blanket that is covering your little man may I ask where that is from tool. Ok I think thats all hehe