Tuesday, November 15

Adventures in Baby Food!

This morning, Gray and I decided to try out making his own baby food. When he went for his 4mo check up last week, he was given the go ahead for solids. (I know.. STILL have to post his 4mo update! Tonight.. promise!) So, on Saturday I sent out a tweet and FB status asking for good websites/books about making baby food. Boy, did my friends help out!! Especially Jessica! (thank you ma'am!) :) On Sunday, when we went to Kroger, I gathered all the supplies needed. We decided to try it out this morning. He's been taking rice and oatmeal since his appointment and has been doing well with it, so I figured it was time to add something to the menu.

I used Wholesome Baby Food and read up on all of the Do's and Don'ts! I got the recipe for bananas. It suggested to use either bananas or avacados for their "first food". It was SO simple!!

Luckily, we received an handheld pureer/food processor when we got married and it had never been used. So, I didn't have to go out and spend a bundle on a processor or a Baby Bullet. All I had to purchase were the $2 ice trays! :) Oh.. and the Organic Bananas! ;)

Step 1: Peel Bananas and place in bowl

Step 2: Puree and add water/formula to thin to desired consistency

Step 3: Place in ice cube trays and cover with plastic wrap. I had run out of the kind that has the sticky side, so I had to use the old fashioned stuff. I will definitely be buying some of the good stuff tomorrow!

Each cube is 1oz of food. You just keep it in your freezer, either in the trays or pop them all out and put them in a freezer bag, and thaw when needed! Super simple!!

We're going to try bananas for a while and then move on to avacado!

So.. how did it go????

Not too sure....

WHOA!!!! What is THAT???!!!

How could you do this to me??!!.. what a pitiful face!

But then....


He ended up eating about 1/2 and ounce with his oatmeal this morning. Not to bad for a first timer! :) My sweet little man is growing up way too fast!


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