Tuesday, June 1

and.. she's off!..

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I am off to Atlanta, GA for the rest of the week! My best friend is getting married and I have the most amazing honor of being her Matron of Honor! I am SO happy for her and can not wait to see how beautiful she's going to look walking down that aisle!

So.. I'll be a little MIA for a while! :)

And.. i have TONS of pics to post from this past weekend and last week! I promise to do that as soon as I'm able!! Although, with the mound of clothing that still needs to be packed, it may have to wait till my return! SORRY!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!! :)

Oh - and if you hear a news story about a man who drove himself crazy from being with his children... it's my husband! haha! He'll be alone with them for 3 days until he joins me in GA! ahhhhh!!! I am SO nervous for all 3 of them! lol (and yes, OCD me has packed breakfast, lunches and to-go bags for all 3 days! with an outlined schedule!! - wow!)