Sunday, June 20

Father's Day Weekend!

Goodness... we had a GREAT weekend!!! I hope all the amazing Dad's out there had just as much fun as we did!! :)

The weekend started off with the kiddos and I running around town on Friday to get Chris' gifts! Luckily, we started early in the morning, b/c he ended up getting off work around 2 that afternoon! To play with him a little, we sent him this picture to give him a clue of his gift...

Although, he didn't get the kayak (which he was DYING for.. maybe next year!), he did get a new t-shirt from Outdoors AND a Lowe's gift card for whatever his heart desires!!! - which could be dangerous! haha! ;) He loved the pic of the kids though! And the kids always love getting to play on all the fun outdoor equipment at Outdoors!

I have to apologize (again!) for the picture quality!! My camera it still off at Canon, so I'm having to depend on the iPhone these days! I am SOOO ready to have my camera back!!

Saturday, we woke up and headed to the movie theater to see none other than... TOY STORY 3!!!! Noni and Papa gave Ethan a $25 gift certificate to the movie theater for his birthday, just for the movie, so we were all able to go!

We LOVED the movie.. it is SOOO good!!! We can't wait for it to come out on video so we can add it to our collection! While we were waiting for it to start Ethan kept asking "Are you ready??" .. he would ask this about every 2 minutes or so.. ha! It was adorable!

The kiddos got to wear a completely "made by Mommy" outfit too! To be honest, I haven't had much time to "play" on my new machine lately, but I did whip up these outfits late Friday night. I think they turned out pretty darn cute! (and we get lots of compliments everywhere we went! - always a plus in my book! ha!)

After the movie, we ran by the mall and then dropped the kiddos off at Noni and Papa's for a bit. Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice meal ALONE! That NEVER happens! :) Always a nice treat to get to have a "date" with my husband!

Today, I had a baby shower to attend and then I joined Chris and the kids at his parents. They had fun swimming!! I came just in time to see Ethan like this....
apparently Chris told Ethan to go potty and when he realized that E was gone for a while, he found him like this in the bathroom.. that's hand soap in his hair! Lesson learned - don't EVER send Ethan to the bathroom by himself!!! lol

We got to enjoy a yummy meal with Chris' parents and grandparents!

Another exciting event of the day... Aunt B and Brian got Ethan a ... SKATEBOARD!!!

!! I see LOTS of ER visits in our near future! ;)

ha! just kidding.. I've actually been wanting to get him a skateboard lately, I just didn't know where to find one! Ethan is VERY adventurous, so I knew he'd love sports like skateboarding and snowboarding! He LOVES his new skateboard!!! And wouldn't you know, Brittany was able to find a Buzz Lightyear one, so it's even better! :)

We had such a fun weekend! I hope you all did too! :)


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