Wednesday, June 16

Ethan's Toy Story Birthday Party!

I was FINALLY able to get around to posting Ethan's birthday party pics!!! (still working on the wedding pics.. ha! there's just SO many!)

held Little Man's birthday party this past Saturday... in the HOT, HUMID, BREATH-TAKING (and not in a good way!) MEMPHIS HEAT!!! Thank goodness it was at my grandmother's house, so everyone could jump into the pool! He wanted a Toy Story party this year, so I went all out in the Buzz and Woody department! :) We tried to keep everything in accordance to his theme.. right down to the "Galactic Blue Punch", to the Cheetos that Bullseye steps on in TS2, to serving pizza from "Pizza Planet"! I think everyone had a blast!! And managed to survive the heat pretty well.

Here are the pictures that I took.. but I'm going to do another post with some more of Candice's photos too! Her's are SOOOOOO good!!!! :) I have to apologize about the picture quality too.. my Canon decided to stop working on me while in ATL, so I went out and bought an inexpensive Casio Exlim.. AWFUL!! I'm just so used to all the "bells and whistles" and high picture quality from my Canon that I just couldn't handle it! ha! So... I took it back, sent my Canon off to be repaired and will be purchasing a DSLR ASAP! :) So... I might be a w/o a camera for a week or two, but it'll all be worth it in the end!

grabbing a snack before his guests arrived!

food table

candy buffet for goodie bags

the brown paper saks in the back were the actual goodie bags (w/sherrif badge tags!!)

we had gumballs, neon colored twizzlers, sour patch kids, skittles, suckers, and Toy Story goodies - pencils, stickers, blow outs..

Buzz Banner - To Infinity & Beyond!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!

goodie bags!

i used some of E's TS toys as decor!

my little man & his Pizza Planet signs! :)

unfortunately we only had one long buffet table.. we definitely needed TWO! it was PACKED! The pizzas were a hit though.. absolutely NO leftovers! (I loathe leftovers!!):)

The Caldwells

my step-mom, Sheri, and her sweet grandbaby, Raegan

Haley and Emerson

some of my friends doing what they do best, gossiping! ;) (love you ladies!!)

we decided to get a slip n slide too and it was a HIT! the kiddos LOVED it!!

and or course, we got the bounce house down from the attic.. always a party fave! :)

Ethan LOVED the slip n slide!!!

All the great grandparents stayed in the sunroom b/c it's air conditioned.. they were smart! :)
(PaPaw, Goo Goo, Bompa, Grandma & Nana)

i brought the cupcake stand outside and sat it down, not even thinking that Huck was right next to me... he immediately went after it and got a good lick! :)

please excuse my pale-ness! ha!

Miss Makenzie

my mom and LK

Ethan was showered with so many thoughtful gifts!! We are so blessed to have the most amazing friends and family! :)

Aunt Lyns helping the little ones out with the candy!

His Nana Sheri gave him water guns!! He and his Papa had a water gun fight and he LOVED it!! I have such a "BOY" on my hands! ;)

Raegan and my sister, Elena

details.. details.. it's all in the details..

Blue Galactic Punch!

Miss G

Gosh - I love this bunch!

Everyone was exhausted after the party.. even Huck! :)

The kids and I headed back to the pool on Sunday, while Chris was at the golf tournament. I think staying in the water is the only way to survive this incredible heat these days! We had an amazing weekend!! I can not believe that my sweet baby is THREE years old!


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