Tuesday, June 15

Top Two Tuesday - Guilty Pleasures!

I'm a little late posting today's Top Two Tuesday... sorry! It's been a day! Today's topic is SOO fun though!! I just love playing along with Taylor's blog! :)

Top 2 Guilty Pleasures... ha! Boy, do I have lots of these! ;)

Online Shopping

oh man... am I addicted or what?! when i get bored... i shop! when i'm in a good mood... i shop! when i've had the worst day ever.. I REALLY SHOP! some of my favorite go to sites.. pb, pbkids, banana, nordstroms - for jeans, kate spade and etsy! really, kate spade could have her own guilty pleasure catagory! haha!

{2} Sonic Happy Hour

i LOVE LOVE LOVE to stop at Sonic for happy hour! i don't drink coffee, i don't smoke, i don't do illegal drugs... I DO DRINK CAFFEINE! it's my "Must Have" of the day! :)

Sooo... what are your guilty pleasures??!



Brianna! said...

I LOVE both of those too!!
I love LOVE sonic...in general
I love that their shakes are buy one, get one free right now too
that;s always an AWESOME thing!


Kristen said...

I hear ya on the shopping, it is therapy, what I do when I am bored, celebrating, etc.