Tuesday, June 22

The world from Ethan's eyes...

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I am getting ready to go to sleep and I check my phone for "Ethan" pictures.. I dont know what it is, but even with all the games and books and songs I've downloaded for the kids, his favorite thing to do on my phone is to take pictures of the things he sees and likes! You just never know what you're going to find either!!! From toys, to the tv, to even glimpses of him sneeking up on Mommy changing in the bathroom!! haha! Some definitely have to be deleted, but most I keep... really, just because they make me smile! :)

Here are a few "Ethan" shots! :)

the dog toy

a throw pillow on the couch

haha! i have a Lego app that changes pics into Lego pictures.. he did a self portrait! ;)

the ottoman.. my shoes, Daddy's shoes, magazines...

his foot and shoe..


a truck and toe!

Like I said... random.. but SO cute!! I LOVE that he does this!!! :)



Southern Belle Mama said...

So cute...love the lego picture! It's funny to see things as they do. :)

Ashley said...

Love this post. My son does the same thing. I went to upload my camera pics to my computer and had a bunch of random ones, then realized that they were all form Trey LOL.

I was just blog hopping and came across your blog and wanted to say hi and I hope you don't mind another follower.