Friday, June 11

Funk Monsters @ the Memphis Zoo!

Last night, Chris and I headed to the Memphis Zoo for their new Summer Series "Rock & Roar"! We found about it through one of our Member e-mails.. SO glad I read that one! ha! This is the first year and they kicked it off with a bang.. Dr. Zarr's Amazing Funk Monsters!! The Funk Monsters are my all-time favorite Memphis party band! We've been going to see them for years!! The lead singer is actually a friend's (ex)step-father, so they've played pretty much all of my friends weddings and we've gone to see them perform for as long as I can remember. Chris had never actually seen them perform, so he was a "newbie". Well.. he's now hooked!

We got there right at 7, when the band was supposed to start, but a storm came through so we had to wait it out for about an hour. The bar was still open though, so it wasn't that bad! ha! ;) The band was on stage as soon as the clouds broke!

LOVE this band!!

my husband bustin' a move! ;)

Dr. Zarr
After the rain came through, the humidity spiked! After two hours of dancing and singing, I was soaked! (and not from the rain!! ewww!!) We had a blast! I absolutely LOVE going out with my husband! We always have the best time!

as you can tell..... haha!


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