Wednesday, June 9

a little baby powder never hurt anyone.....

So, during our first week of summer break, I put the kids down for a nap one day. We had been busy all morning, so I figured they'd fall asleep quickly. To my surprise, it immediately got quiet.. YES! Easy nap time!

Or so I thought....

Yes, it was quiet.. but it was FAR from nap time in Ethan's little world!

I went upstairs to check on him and you'll never believe what I found... baby powder... sprinkled EVERYWHERE!!!! Literally, every inch of his room was covered in it! The carpet, his toys, the furniture, his shoes, his animals, his bedding... it was almost 1/2 inch thick in the slats of his bed!

Talk about a mess! Proof that you can NEVER take your eyes off of little boys! ha!
I got to cleaning, but then had the thought to snap a few pics, so the ones below are AFTER I had started cleaning.. so just imagine what you see even worse! ;)

The carpet... my feet were covered in powder up to my ankles!

The seat of this rocket lifts up for toys.. there was about 2in of powder in the compartment!

dressing table/dresser

see the layer over all the toys??!

in ALL the slats!

i had already taken the bedding off.. it was THICK!

it was all over the books.. in between the pages.. EVERYWHERE!

i had to wash all of his shoes!

Goodness!!! No wonder he was quiet! He was determined NOT to miss a spot!! ha!

Needless to say, there is NO LONGER baby powder in his room! ;)



Candice Lynn said...

this is hilarious! WHAT was he doing with it?

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness, he did a heck of a job! Did you get any pictures of him, he must have been covered too!

Neely said...

Oh goodness! I wonder what he was thinking...haha