Sunday, June 13

My Sweet "E" is T-H-R-E-E!!!

What a weekend!!! On Friday, my sweet little man turned the BIG T-H-R-E-E years OLD!! I can not believe that he's no longer my little baby. And no doubt, he is very quick to tell you that is in FACT a BIG BOY!! ha!

His birthday party was on Saturday, which meant that Friday was spent running around town getting last minute items! (of course, with my own child's party, i procrastinated EVERYTHING! ha!) Saturday was great though! Everything went so smoothly and the party was a HUGE success!

Ethan wanted a Toy Story party, so we glady obliged! I think I cleaned the city out of Buzz and Woody items. For food, we got pizzas to go along with the "Pizza Planet" theme from the movie! They were a HIT! The kids and even the adults loved it and we didn't get left with a single piece left over! (I HATE leftovers!! ha!)

I took TONS of photos of my own, that I'm going to post this week, but I had to go ahead and share some of Candice's photos! Candice is starting her own photography business, so she was snapping away for the entire party! They are SO good! I can't wait to see all of them that she took! So far, these are my faves... :)

We held the party at my grandmother's so that everyone could swim!

some of the candy from the candy buffet! :)

we ended up getting a slip n slide too... the kids LOVED it!

i can't wait to share more!!! definitely soon! i was going to do a big post tonight, but i am EXHAUSTED!! we had fun in the pool again today (while Daddy went to the golf tournament - must be nice!! ha!) so i am definitely about to head to bed!

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! :)



Darlene said...

Looks like a blast for your big, little man. They grow way too fast. Can't wait to see more pics.

Jessica said...

Love the theme! Looks like everyone had fun! don't they grow too fast? my lil man will be 2 in 4 short months and I'm dreading it!