Saturday, June 19

our crazy hectic summer..

Well, I think I am slowly but surely adjusting to life as a full time stay at home mom! It's been a challenge for sure! I'm just so used to that little bit of adult interaction in my week and now it's VERY limited! ha! But... life goes on and so do we! :) I'll just be fluent in "3yr old" by the end of the summer, so it definitely has it perks! haha! ;)

Life has been anything but smooth sailing though.... it's just plain crazy chasing two kiddos around! I feel like a taxi driver most of the time. I really do enjoy all my extra time with them though. Last Thursday, while Ethan was at MDO, LK and I went to lunch at one of her faves... Firehouse Subs! We never get to do much as "just the two of us" anymore, so it was incredibly nice to just to sit and chat with my little lady. Gosh, we used to do EVERYTHING together and now it's hard to imagine life with just one child! Crazy how that happens!!

We are definitely going to start doing this much more often!

We've been on the go so much that I think Huck is feeling a little neglected! The other morning he ran into the garage with us and jumped in the car.. he was NOT budging! Poor thing!! He's in desperate need of a doggie day at the park! :)

Ok.. just so you know... We hardly ever let our kids eat fast food, so I'm really embarrased to post this. It was just too funny not too... Easy E eating his nuggets! haha! I tell you.. this kid is a HOT MESS! ;)

I dont know what's up with these kids lately, but they only want to sleep in their sleeping bags!! Seriously! No beds at all! Who knows??!? At least they're sleeping, right??! ;)

see what I mean??! PASSED OUT... on the floor! ha!

and passed out in the car! This was after his party. He asked me "Mommy, Is my party over?" I said, "Yes, baby, it's over!" And that's all it took... sound asleep!

We've also been spending alot of time at the sprinkler park lately! The kids just love it and anything with water is a MUST in this ridiculous Memphis heat!! We've met several friends there and seen even more there as well. LK has seen a few of her school friends and been able to play with them. We always look forward to going! I'm sure you'll see a LOT more pics from the sprinkler park this summer!

Ethan started his summer Little Gym classes today! He was SOOO excited!! Well, until he figured out that Mommy wasn't going in with him!! ha! Up till now we've done "Mommy & Me" classes, so I've always been with him. Now he's in the big boy sports class, so no mommy! He was NOT happy!! But, once he got inside with all the other little boys, he warmed up and was ok. When he came out, he said that he had "sooooo much fun!!" In the past we've always done gymnastics classes, but this year I switched him to a sports class. He's going to be introduced to several sports - baseball, football, soccer, golf.. and more. So, by next summer, he'll be familiar with them and ready for team sign-ups! (and it gives us a good idea of what he's interested in and already pretty good at!) We always LOVE Little Gym days! :)

Thursday's are definitely hectic though! Ethan goes to school from 9:30 - 2:30, he has Little Gym at 3:30, LK has ballet at 4, I pick E up at 4:30, and go pick LK up at 4:50... so basically, I am driving in circles for a good 3 hours!!! TAXI DRIVER!! I need to start charging! haah! But, as long as they're enjoying themselves and loving what they're doing.. that's all that matters!!

And doesn't my girl look so cute in her bun??! :)


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