Monday, June 28


i found this quote this morning... it really spoke to me! sometimes things dont always go according to your plan. but.. it's not really OUR plan is it?? it's HIS! we must be willing to let go of what WE think is best for us and realize that HE already knows! that's always a tough one for me. i like to have control over all the aspects of my life. i like to know what, where, when and how it's all going to happen. i have to learn how to let go... just give it all to Him! i may not always like the path.. it may be stressful and just plain HARD at times, but he never gives us more than we can handle! he has a plan and we just have to trust him and follow it!

i hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!!


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Kristen said...

That is a fabulous quote. I think that I should print it and put it up somewhere!