Friday, June 11

Jennifer's "Last Fling Before the Ring!"

Ok.. I'm going to try to start all my wedding posts...

I got to the airport in Memphis around 6am on Wednesday.. and of course there was bad weather in Atlanta, so we had to sit on the runway for over an hour! Not to worry though.. I was equiped with my trusty BNE-Reader, so I started on Angie Smith's book.. good idea?? Not to so much.. dont get me wrong, the book is SO GOOD! But, I was balling like a baby!!! I'm sure the woman next to me must have thought that I was serisouly disturbed! haha! We were finally able to take off and made the short hop over to ATL.

Jennifer and Chris were there waiting for me, and we headed to Chris' work for a party they were throwing for him. His co-workers were all so sweet and thoughtful! (and the cake was YUMMY!!) Jennifer was just beaming with excitment! It was so fun to hear her talk all about her wedding plans!
After the office party, we went back to Jennifer's house to start setting up for our little get-together! Of course, I came bearing decorations!! (I'm seriously surprised that my luggage did not exceed the 50lb weight limit! ha!)

We invited several of her friends over for a "Lingerie Party" and then headed out on the town for dinner and drinks! We had a blast!

FYI - On Wedding Day, Jennifer had lost of total of 43lbs since January.. just for her big day!!! I am SOOOO proud of her! :)

After the party at her house, we headed to a local mexican place, one of her faves, to partake in some yummy tacos and margaritas!!

Little did I know, but the tequila shots were soon flowing!!! Let me just tell you... #1, I hardly drink anymore.. a glass of wine every now and then, that's about it.. #2, I haven't taken a shot in.. well, I can't even tell you how long, that's how long it's been! So, you can imagine the hot mess that I was! ha!

another shot... one of about 10.. or 12.. I dont know, I lost count! Oh goodness! ha!

Jen and our fabulous waiter!

After dinner and shots, we headed a few of the local bars. We were out till the wee hours of the morning! (i haven't done that in ages either!!) Needless to say, we had a blast! It was so funny to hear different versions of stories of what all took place! ha!

a "post-shot" pic! you can tell how rough it was! lol

My camera stopped working on Friday, so I didn't get any pics from the Bridal Luncheon or the Rehearsal Dinner, but hopefully someone else did and will post them on FB. When that happens, I will be sure to share! I have TONS from the wedding though, b/c Chris brought another camera with him when he flew in. I'm still editing, but will post ASAP! :)