Wednesday, June 30

Wishful Wednesday ... Style

Today, Kelsey's topic is all about STYLE! Let's face it.. we all love to shop! Some... more than others! (i will fully admit that I fall into the later catagory! ha!) But, if I could choose one store to shop from over and over, it would be...

I Wish ... I had
any J.Crew store
as my personal closet and could shop from it daily!

About 70% of my closet items are from J.Crew.. but it sure would be nice to fill up that other 30%! AND.. be able to get the goods as soon as they come out! :) I love the simple, classic, clean lines of the J.Crew clothes. They never get old! Just about all my "staple" items are either from here or Banana. You can just never go wrong!!

If I had to choose anywhere else... it would definitely be the Saks 5th Avenue Shoe Department!!... I spent countless hours perusing their San Fran store!!

or the Neiman Marcus, again in San Fran! The store is beyond words gorgeous!!! Take a peek at this rotunda!

Now.. THAT would be an awesome closet!! :)



Natasha said...

how did i KNOW you would pick jcrew?? hahahaha

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I totally guessed you as Jcrew too!!! Lovely pick :)