Wednesday, November 25

just a few videos . . .

This is what I woke up too this morning.. gotta love it! My 2 (3 including Dixie) babies!

Ethan had a "Grandparent's Day" program at Christ Methodist last Friday. He sang "If You're Happy & You Know It".. well, he and LK found the song on his music player and were happy to put on a little show for Daddy & I! SO cute!!!

LK has been learning some new songs lately too! A few weeks ago she came home saying that she learned a song a German.. and she was right! You might know the tune as "The More We Get Together"..

I tried to Google the English lyrics to what she is singing, but like any folk tune.. there's LOTS of versions. I found this "American Children's" Version though and it sounds pretty similar to what she's signing.. so we're just going with it! :)

American children's version:
Oh, my dear, Augustin, Augustin, Augustin!
Oh, my dear, Augustin, all is kaput!
Money gone, Honey gone.
Money gone, honey gone.
Oh, my dear, Augustin, my [or your] goose is cooked!


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Love from Texas said...

the videos are private! that happened to me when i used youtube too, but you can go in under your account and change the settings on each one to make it public :)