Wednesday, November 11

Tuesday's List : Fall Fashions!

OK.. I know I'm a day late for Jessica's blog carnival, but I still want to put my faves up! Just so you know, I had every intention of posting this last night, but I came down with the world's worst sore throat (I sound like a frog today!). So as soon as my hubby came home from work.. it was off to bed for me!


First up.. these are totally 80's looking to me, but lately I've seen them worn with cute cotton "causal" skirts and they look adorable!! I bet they'd look cute with jeans too! :)
Typically, I am not really an "Uggs" fan. But I keep seeing these out and about and I want them! They look SO cute with jeans!! These are definitely on my Christmas list! But, seeing as how my husband despises Uggs.. looks like I'll be purchasing them for myself! :) BTW - I finally broke down and bought LK a pair (she's been begging!) and they are ADORABLE!
[2] Ruffles

OH, how I am in love with ruffles this year!!! Seriously. I see a ruffle and am immediately drawn to it!

[3] Scarves

I am a sucker for a cute scarf. I dont even want to tell you how many I have.. it's embarassing! ha! The one below is a lightweight cashmere! I have a regular heavy-weight cashmere that I am in love with, so I might have to try this one out! :) It's currently at Banana if anyone else wants to as well!

[4] Cardigans/Sweaters

You already know about my cardigan obsession. Well, with winter approaching.. it's just getting worse! Chris and I went shopping this past weekend and what did I try on the entire time?? CARDIGANS! It's getting a little out of control. I found one at J.Crew that I am definitely going back to get (a lightweight cotton) and another a Gap that I'm dying for! Luckily, I just got an email for their 30% off Friends and Family event, so I'm waiting to use that and then I will purchase! :) (it's the picture just below!)

I also found this little sweater (sort of?!) at Banana. SOO CUTE!

[5] Puffers

I love a good puffer vest! I have a cute little pink one and it's always my go to coat of choice! Ethan and LK have them too and love them!

Well, those are my current faves of the fall season! And yes.. now I'm in the mood to go shopping again! (Thanks alot, Jess!) :)


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Love from Texas said...

i feel the same way about uggs. i've always hated them, but i think the sweater-knit ones are so cute!