Monday, November 9

Can you believe it?! ....


I honestly was beginning to think we would never be able to finish it. The rain just never wanted to stop! But, we held out and this past Saturday was our last game of the season!! And, of course, we ended it with a WIN! I think that made our record almost perfect.. only 2 loses, I believe! :) I am SO proud of my sweet LK. It was evident from the beginning that soccer just wasn't her "thing". But, she held out for the entire season and was such a little trouper! I doubt we will EVER see her on any type of field again, unless it's in a cheerleading uniform.. ha! I have to admit though, towards the end she really started to show a little fierceness out on the field and seemed to finally know what it was that she was supposed to do! She had such a blast playing and we had even more fun watching her! It was rough though.. being at the soccer field one night during the week and every Saturday morning. I have no idea what I will do when Ethan is into sports, b/c I'm sure it will be multiple sports all at once! AH! Luckily, I still have another year before he's old enough.

After the game, we all headed to a nearby park for the end of the year party! Her coach was so sweet and got pizzas and treat bags for all the kiddos. And, of course, their trophys! :) It ended up being absolutely gorgeous all weekend, so the kids had such a fun time running around at the park!

After we left the park, it was definitely nap time!! Later that night, Chris and I went and ate dinner sans kids (thank you, Noni and Papa!) and then enjoyed a little shopping at Saddle Creek! All my faves were having sales.. Banana, J.Crew and I even got a pair of super cute khakis at Gap! It was so relaxing to spend some time with my hubby. I even got a little something special for Baby Emerson, who will be here soon.. gotta love Janie and Jack! (Haley, I know it's a "necessity" shower but I just couldn't resist.. ha!) We hardly ever get the chance to just sit and chat without kids screaming in our ears. ha!

Sunday morning was another great church service at Living Hope! We are definitely enjoying every Sunday we spend there!! And isn't it a small world that one of Chris' cousins will be preaching there over Thanksgiving. We are so looking forward to that! As we were walking out of church, the kid's were of course saying that they were hungry. So, LK got to pick and wouldn't you know she picked Corky's! I tell you.. that girl is a true Memphian. She loves good BBQ and good Elvis tunes! And she ate every bit of that BBQ sandwich too! (although, i really think she likes to go b/c there are Elvis pictures everywhere!) Lunch was yummy!

Well, that's about all we did this weekend. I am super thrilled about this coming up weekend. My friend, Jennifer, is coming to see me and bringing her fiance along too! Chris has never been to Memphis, so it looks like more BBQ and more Elvis is in our future! Can't wait to see you My Jen B! :)

Hope everyone has a great week!


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