Monday, November 23

An Amazing Hotty Toddy Day!

Wow! What a weekend!!! Chris and I got up and dropped the kids off early Saturday morning at his parents and then headed down to Oxford for, what we hoped!, would be a gorgeous day in the Grove and an exciting Rebel win! And boy, did we get just what we were anticipating!! We made it down to the Grove a few hours before kickoff and were able to "grove" (aka - tailgate) with several friends. We munched on some yummy Abner's chicken (an Ole Miss staple) and some even more delish shrimp etouffee!

 I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the game by a FedEx Sales Rep. So, that meant Chris and I got to watch the game in the FedEx Suite! What an amazing view! There was enough wine and beer to last into the wee hours and the food was amazing! I dont know who did their fried chicken, but it was ALMOST as good as my Great Grandma Mae's! ;) Not only was the view incredible, but our fellow suite attendees were too. We were able to watch the game with Mr. FedEx himself, Fred Smith, as well as the Touhy Family. You might know the Touhy family from the new movie, The Blind Side. (you can read more about their amazing story here)

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting the game to be very good. LSU has had a pretty good season (as usual) and I just wasn't expecting it to be all the exciting. Could I have been any more WRONG! It was one of the most nail-biting, edge of your seat games I've ever been too! It's right up there with that 7 overtime game we played against Arkansas in 2001! Arkansas finally beat us by 2 points in that game (58 - 56), but this time it was us beating LSU by 2 points!!! The game literally went down to the VERY last second of the game! Everyone was just on pins and needles and NO ONE left the stadium! What a victory! The final score was 25-23.

*our view from the south end zone suites*

After the exciting win, we headed back to the Grove to celebrate! We were able to meet up with my Uncle Michael and a few of my cousins. It's always such a treat to see my favorite uncle!! :)

We got back to Memphis really late in the evening, so most of Sunday was spent relaxing at home. Not to mention that my room mom responsibilities were in full swing again. I had 21 t-shirts to dye brown and bead to make into indian vests for the Thanksgiving PowWow! The PowWow is tomorrow, so I have a very excited little 5yr old! :)

I hope everyone has a great week! I'm still on my game winning high, so I am quite bubbly today! (or so I've been told.. ha!) Looking forward to lots of yummy food later in the week! :)


Natasha said...

I heard that game was crazy even though I didn't get to see it!! Lots of victories this weekend... even in VOL land =)

Have a great Thanksgiving and I want to see pics of those adorable vests!

Leslie said...

I love your blog! Did you create your own background, header, and buttons? I am wanting to spruce my blog up a bit and would love your input!
Glad to see you are doing well!