Monday, November 2

Halloween Weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!! We had the best fun-filled weekend you can imagine! We woke up Saturday morning and did the Race for the Cure (pics in next post) and then went to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday! Yes, her birthday is on Halloween... how fun?!!! That evening we invited both sides of our family over to our house for a Stickles Family Fun Fest! (ha.. yes, I feel a little dorky for calling it that.. ha!) Everyone came dressed up and ready to trick-or-treat! We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and had WAY too many yummy snacks! This year, our little fam was the Toy Story gang and our costumes turned out SOOO CUTE! The best part was that I handmade mine and Chris' for only TEN dollars!! You can't beat that! We had such a great time and we are so thankful for such a fun and loving family to spend our time with!

ethan with papa's hat!

Bob the Builder & Wendy

Cousin Lacie as a fairy! (she even matched her cast!)

Ann (my MIL) and Terri (my mom)

a kitty cat and a biker (memaw & big daddy)

Goo-Goo as a witch and her Bo Peep

me and my sweet hubby as Jesse and Woody

our little Toy Story family!

one exciting day = one overtired baby!


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