Wednesday, November 18

Wishful Wednesday - Let's go to the Movies!

Today, Kelsey, is doing Movie Genres! How fun?! Ok.. So.. I've really been thinking about this... here goes..

'I wish' my life was a movie and I would want it to be a romantic comedy/chick flick!

So, my first thought is, of course, Steel Mangnolias! I mean, what southern girl doesn't want their life to resemble one of the characters from this movie?! My fave.. Clairee. Gosh, do I love some Clairee! She's smart, she has money, she quick witted and she has amazing friends. Yes.. I would like my life to be played out like Clairee from Steel Mangolias! :)

For a more realistic view of my life.. think something more along the lines of Knocked Up! Seriously! I can't tell you how many times Chris and I have just about cried from laughing so hard!! We were totally that couple before LK was born! (now if I could only look like Katherine Heigel! hmmm...)

And these days, I totally feel like her sister "Debbie"! You know that part when they're getting ready to go out and she's asking if she's still hot?! Yep.. that's definitely ME these days!!! ha! ;)



Katie said...

This is sad but I have never actually seen Steel Magnolias! I have a feeling I am missing out because I have seen it on several WW posts now!

Love from Texas said...

ahaha i love that actress - 'deb'. she cracks me up, esp in 17 Again!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

A perfect little mix for life -- I would watch!