Friday, November 20

Time for an Update!

Well, it's been a while since I've given a good old fashioned Stickles Family update! Honestly, not much has been going on! Dont get me wrong.. we're ridiculously busy all the time.. just with nothing big! Life has been moving along pretty smooth for us lately. October was a month of birthdays for us.. I turned 27 on the 20th and Chris turned 26 on Nov 1st. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about 27.. that just seems SO close to 30th.. probably b/c IT IS!

Unfotunately, LK has come down with the flu! Thankfully her H1N1 test was negative! She has been coughing and running a fever for about a week now. Poor thing! Luckily, no one else in the house has caught it. (thank you Lord!) It has been quite tricky dropping Ethan off at school and not LK. He gets so upset that "Sister" gets to stay home and he doesn't. :(

Chris is almost finished with his first semester back in school! WAHOOO!! I am so proud of him. He's done so well. He actally has a test tonight.. so, Good Luck!! We love you! :)

Other than juggling sick babies, I have had my hands full with my Room Mom job! It never ends! This week we've been ordering t-shirts and getting ready for Thanksgiving. (hopefully LK will be back in school by then!) Tuesday night was Open House, so I had to go solo and go peek at all of LK's cute schoolwork. I am absolutely in love with her school. We made the best decision in the world by sending her there. And we are truly blessed to have Mrs. Jeffrey as her teacher.

We are finally getting ready for the holidays around the house! Next week we are anticipating lots of yummy food for Thanksgiving! (and lots of shopping if Mommy has her way!) :) I've started receiving early "Black Friday" Ads, so I've already started planning my Friday morning! I know some of you won't believe it, but I have not started on my Christmas shopping!!! AHHH! Usually by Thanksgiving, I have half of the list already purchased. Not this year though! I just haven't had the time! This weekend I plan to sit down online and order everything that needs to be ordered, that way all I have left to do is go to the stores. I am SO behind and it's really starting to stress me out! ha!

This weekend Chris and I are heading down to Oxford, MS for the OleMiss/LSU game!! HOTTY TODDY!!! We are so excited to see friends and family. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post on Monday (and hopefully we'll have a WIN!)

Here's a few random pictures to share....

Ethan being kissed to death by Maisie (Aunt BB's new puppy). Ethan was finally still and on her level, so she just couldn't resist! :)

LK playing "hide n seek" at Noni & Papa's

Is my child NOT a camera ham?! And look at those faces.. hilarious! Never a dull moment in this house! :)

Lately, we've been running around so much that we get alot of this....

Oh, aren't they so sweet when they're sleeping?! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Tiffanie said...

Aw, great update...sorry to here LK is sick. Hope she gets well soon. You must be exhausted!! I love that Mrs. Jeffrey is Miranda's teacher also. Miranda just loves her. And as for the 27 thing...I just turned 27 in Sept. I didn't mind 26 at all but for some reason 27 just gets to me. Hopefully we'll be better about it next year. haha. Hope LK is well enough to enjoy all the hard work you've been putting into getting things ready for Thanksgiving.

Angie S said...

I hope your LK is feeling better soon! I loved reading your update...your kiddos are adorable.