Friday, November 6

a week of pure exhaustion!


Goodness, I just don't know where this week has gone! Yet again, we have had SO much going on! Every afternoon this week I have been up at LK's school decorating the outside of her classroom for a school-wide event. The event is called "Immersion".. basically the Principal picks a topic/subject and the entire school is literally IMERSED in it! Like every single hallway COVERED in paper and decorations! This year they are doing "The Magic School Bus", so every hallway gets a different area assigned to them. The Kindergarten hallway is doing "Discovering Plants". From there, each teacher does a different area of plants. Some are doing seeds, some are doing fruits, one is doing water plants.... and so on. Well, our class is doing Pollination. So... I've been decorating dor Pollination! Sounds fun, huh?! haha! Being a Room Mom is HARD work!!! I think my fingers are permanently hot glue gun burned! ;)

In addition to decorating for Immersion this week, I've also been organizing the annual Kindergarten Farm Breakfast! Each year, during the week that the children learn about farm animals and what they make/produce, we get to host a Farm Breakfast for them! They learn about all the animals and then get to eat what the animals produce. (ie - pig, bacon & sausage; chickens, eggs; cows, milk; etc) So, this morning I was up at 5:30 AM to cook 4 dozen scrambled eggs!!! OH.MY.GOODNESS... I AM EXHAUSTED! LK and I were at the school at SEVEN AM to help Mrs. Jeffrey set everything up! Luckily, we have WONDERFUL parents in our class and all of the other food and utensils were donated! THANK YOU!! :) And let's not forget that Mrs. Jeffrey had ALL of the decorations! (and they were the absolute cutest!) It was such a fun time and the kids definitely enjoyed themselves!

And, on top of it all, this week... my sweet E has not been feeling well! He has the gross green runny nose that's going around this time of year. So, that meant NO Mother's Day Out!!! I am about to lose my mind.. yes, it's official! I am SO ready for him to get better so that he can go back!! You never realize how much you rely on MDO for your own sanity until you dont have it anymore! OH, you precious, sweet, wonderful MDO teachers.. how I LOVE you!! :)

LK and her sweet friend, Bailey
she got up on stage and was singing "Old McDonald"

LK and Mrs. Jeffrey!

Aunt Debbie stopped in to see her sweet girl! :)

LK's class enjoying breakfast!

Are they not just adorable!! :) Here's a few pictures of the hallway that I've been working on! The bottom flower petals come out from the wall (with the help of metal coat hangers) and the bees are hanging from the ceiling! They're made out of pipe cleaners so they're 3-D!

The parts of the flower are going to be laminated and put on magnets, so the kids can actually "build" the flower and then label the parts! I'll get a picture of that part as soon as it's ready to go! :)

Here's a little video I shot this morning, while the all the Kidnergarteners were signing "Old McDonald".. it was just SO sweet!


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