Monday, November 9

Maclaren Recall!

Just thought I should send out a post..

All Maclaren strollers (single and double), made since 1999 have been recalled. Apparently, something with the hinges is not right and could possibly amputate or cut children's fingers! I dont know about you, but all fingers and toes fully entact is a little important to me! ha! So... I guess I will searching for a new stroller this week! (or waiting till Maclaren fixes this issue and get a new one!) OH, how I love my Maclaren.. in my opinion, best stroller ever! This saddens me!

It's all over the news...

Go take a peek! *According to the Maclaren site, you can contact them to order hinge covers?! Not sure what those are, but I will be calling!!*


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