Wednesday, November 11

Wishful Wednesday - Chore!

Today on Kelsey's "Wishful Wednesday", we talking about chores.. chores you never want to do again! Well, I'll be honest.. i dont like to do any of them! HA! I absolutely despise cleaning my house! Although.. I have to have everything clean all the time! It's a curse really. The bathrooms are the worse! With two boys in the house.. they're just plain gross! (I'll let you figure out why! haha!) So..

I WISH I never had to clean the bathrooms again!

Oh.. they're just so gross! The kid's bathroom typically isn't that bad. There's always toothpaste everywhere, but hey, at least I know they're brushing! :) The half bath downstairs is never too much of a hassle either. It's just my bathroom really. With the glass shower walls and typical tile shower floor.. I honestly just have no idea how to really clean it! Ugh.. I could so do without cleaning! I told Chris that for part of my Christmas this year, I want a maid to start coming once or twice a month. If only to do the heavy stuff, that would be fine! I dont mind doing the day to day stuff.. I just never have the time or energy to get down on my hands and knees and clean baseboards and dust blinds and scrub toilets! So.. if you're in the Memphis area and know of a good, trustworthy, not too expensive cleaning lady.. let me know! :)



Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Seriously amazing .... get a cleaning lady!!! I need one and hubby encourages it, but I feel guilty since I can do it myself even though I slightly suck at it!

Katie said...

Toothpaste all over the sink, how I remember doing that to my mom!