Friday, November 20

Show Us Your Life : Pets

Today, Kelley's Korner is hosting "Show Us Your Life - Pets". Well, over the years we have slowly gathered a few pets into our home. I think that tends to happen when you have kids.. you know the drill.. they see an adorable animal, give you the pouty lip and the "But.. PLEEEAAASSSEEE" and then you give in and say "Ok.. but YOU have to feed him and take care of him and love him". And then guess who's doing all the things that the pouty lipped princess promised that SHE would do... YOU! Oh yes.. the Stickles Family is definitely victim of this game! ;)

Our first "family" pet is Miss Dixie. She is our sweet, loving and uncontrollably hyper chocolate lab. We love our sweet Dixie-Dog!

We got her while I was pregnant with Ethan and they have shared a special bond ever since his birth. They love cuddling up with one another and love running around the back yard together even more! From the pictures below, you can tell how much they love each other! I love watching them grow up together.

Then, this summer, we adopted Oliver and Max!

Now, my husband is definitely NOT a cat person! But there's only so many times you can hear Miss LK begging for a kitten before you give in! We had finally decided that we would get her a cat and wouldn't you know.. we were driving down the street and saw a sign for Free Kittens! We called and immediately went by to pick one up. Well, there were only two left and we I just couldn't leave one behind.. so we now have TWO kittens! :) The black & white one is Oliver and the grey & white is Max. They definitely grown alot since these pictures.

Those are really the only animals we've had. We tried our hand a goldfish, but that just didn't work out. I mean, they are only $.50 in the pet store! ha! For Ethan's first birthday we gave all the kids goldfish as party favors. We brought the "leftovers" home with us. Lilly Kate was quick to name them "Elivs", "Priscilla", "Lisa Marie" and the "Memphis Mafia"! Unfortunately the $.50 goldfish just didn't last that long and sooner or later they were all on "goldfish vacation" (aka.. the toilet!) :)

We are hoping to add another dog to the family sometime soon. Probably another lab, but I'm also in love with beagles?! So, we'll see! Definitely nothing too small in our house! The bigger the better! :)

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