Monday, November 16

BBQ & Beale

This past weekend, my best friend, Jennifer, came to visit me! You might remember Jen b/c I went to her engagement party in Atlanta in June?! Well, she managed to get some free plane tickets and decided to come see me this time! She even brought along her sweet fiance! He had never been to Memphis, so he requested two things... BBQ and Beale Street! Of course, Chris and I were happy to oblige! They got into town Friday afternoon and we met them at the Rendezvous for dinner. Gosh.. do I LOVE the Rendevous! Memphis is definitely known for it's bbq and the Rendezvous is at the top of the list! We even took our little E Man with us (LK was a little under the weather.. and NOT happy about missing bbq!) He LOVED it!

You just gotta love that BBQ sauce covered face! :)

Ethan was so excited to see Autozone Park all lit up at night!

We all got up early Saturday morning and luckily LK was feeling a little better! B/C it was off to Graceland for us!! Chris and Jennifer had asked to go to Graceland and Lilly Kate was SO happy they did. She's been dying to go! We didn't tell her until Saturday morning, so I think she was still a little in shock when she got there. I've never seen her so excited about something. Surprisingly, there was no one there! (thank goodness!) We only had to wait about 10 min to catch the shuttle over to the house. Usually, the wait is HOURS long!

(she said that this room reminded her of the movie "The Game Plan".. haha!)

Her FAVORITE room - The Jungle Room! As she was going up the carpeted stairs (walls, ceiling, floors) to the Jungle room, she loudly exclaimed - b/c we all had earphones on - "I've never seen carpet on the ceiling before.. ONLY Elvis!" hahaha!
The Pink Cadillac - she had waited ALL day to see it!
After the Graceland tour we headed to Corky's for even more BBQ! This time we traded the ribs for some good ole yummy pulled pork sandwiches! LK was on Cloud 9! Elvis and BBQ all in one day! I think it was just too much for her to handle.. she refused to nap! ha!

That evening, we met up with Jenn and Chris again downtown and watched the Georgia game and then grabbed a few drinks at Flying Saucer. Then, it was off to Beale Street! We saw several friends and it was great to catch up with everyone and have a wonderful time. I think J&C are now piano bar fans.. big time! :)

Jen met the Diver!

We had such a great time with Jennifer and Chris! (We hope ya'll had fun too!) We are definitely looking forward to seeing them again in June for their WEDDING!!! :)


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