Tuesday, October 20

Tuesday's List : Beauty Products!

*I originally posted this on August 11th, but since Jessica is having this for her list topic today... I just reposted! :) Enjoy!!*

Well, I have found a new love!! It is bareMinerals! Yes, I finally gave in and bought some. Dont get me wrong.. I have wanted to try it for the longest time. I was just skeptical. And I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $60 on the starter kit on the slight chance that I might hate it. Luckily, while perusing Sephora one day, I spotted a "mini" starter kit.. and only $15!! YAY! Well, all they had was Tan (and i am FARRR from Tan.. ha!) So, I headed over to Ulta and Horray! They had it! I've used it for about a week now and I.AM.IN.LOVE!

Seriously, it's fabulous! All of you Moms know that when you have kids you only get about 2.5 minutes to get your entire self ready! And when you're trying to get TWO kids off to school in the morning.. it can get a little scary! So, my weekday makeup is minimal to say the least. I need something quick and easy. And boy, does bareMinerals deliver! It takes a total of less than 5 min from start to finish and i look completely "make-up'd" when I'm done. Now, I can't wait to to buy the real starter kit when I'm finished with my current kit!

My current beauty routine consists of:

{1} Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer w/ White Tea (LOVE this stuff! Best ever!)

{2} Erase Past by Benefit - Being of the fair-skined breed, I tend to get dark circles under my eyes. (kids make this only that much worse!) So, I do put a little concealer on under my makeup. I love Erase Paste!! (and all things Benefit!) It's magic in a bottle!

{3} bareMinerals Kit - foundations and mineral veil

{4} MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - basically a bronzer. I have both shades and love them equally. I just gives your cheeks that "sun-kissed" glow! :)

{5} After that just a little mascarra and I'm DONE! My favorites are Origins Fringe Benefits (for ordinary days) or Benefit's BadGal Lash (when you need a little extra OOMPH!) :)

I absolutely LOVE my new quick easy Mommy make-up routine! Just a few simple steps and I'm ready for the day! And ALL day at that.. I dont get one free second the rest of the day to "touch-up" and this stuff truly holds ALL DAY! Gotta love it!

This is me with my old make-up. Yes, you can tell a difference, but who needs to look this "made up" every day?! Not me! Being raised a Southern girl, you get taught early on that you must always look your best. There is no excuse for wearing sweats and no make-up ANYWHERE! You just don't do it! Lord only knows who you could run into when you're looking your worst.. horrifying! This was only ingrained into my brain more during my time at Ole Miss! So, this definitely solves my issues of looking my best and not taking all day to apply!

Just in case you're wondering...

My old make-up routine (and the one I will still use if I'm enjoying a night out on the town!) :

{1} Origins A Perfect World mousturizer

{2} Erase Paste by Benefit

{4} MAC Blushcreme in Posey - blended with fingers

{5} Physican's Formula Muli-Color Powder in Healthy Glow - you can actually find this right at Walgreens! It's my favorite face powder!!

{6} a little bronzer, if needed. (MAC mineral bronzer) and a little mascarra (Orgins or Benefit)

*My favorite eyeshadow is the Bobbi Brown Nude Simmer Brick. Can't go wrong!! I also love the MAC shadows. I tend to stay with the really neutral/browny-beige colors.. like Omega, Gleam and Tempting.

*I always, ALWAYS curl my lashes!! My lashes are ridiculously long, but BOARD straight.. and BLONDE! If I dont curl them.. I can't see!

*My secret trick for straightening out stray brows... a tooth brush! Yep, just a plain ole kid's tooth brush. Works everytime!! :)

*IF I wear eyeliner, which usually doesn't happen, I like just a good ole pencil.

*I don't typically wear lipstick. I feel stupid in it! haha! So, Bert's Bees does me just fine! (and it makes my lip UBER soft! always a plus!)

*I am also a complete believer that the right brushes make the application! You just can't get the same results. I have used several brands of brushes over the years and these two are by far my faves: Bobbi Brown and Eco-Tools. Bobbi's are a little pricey, but well worth the money. Eco-Tools are more cost-concious and are really good too! You can't go wrong with either!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rantings about bareMinerals.. I hope you all go out and buy some! I HIGHLY recommend it! :)

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love from texas said...

i switched from bronzer to MAC skinfinish (redhead color) about 6 months ago and i LOVE it!! gives me just the right 'glow' as oppossed to the orangish branzer look...