Saturday, October 3

Show Us Your Life: Baby Gear

Ok.. I know this is a little late {forgive me?!} but I'd still love to participate in Kelley's "Show Us Your Life: Baby Gear"!! Here are just a few of my favorites!!

{1} TykeLight

This is something a little new and not so much "baby"ish.. but these days, we couldn't live without it! I've seen them several places including Target and Walmart and super cheap ($8, I think?!). It's a night light, obviously, but it's kid-friendly and you can set it to go off at a certain time. Ethan calls it his "Little Man" and has to have it every night at bedtime! He just cuddles right up to it.. so sweet!

{2} MacLaren Volo Buggy

I absolutely LOVE my maclaren! I seriously dont know how I ever survived without it before! It's super light-weight (I can pick it up with one hand while struggling to chase Ethan in the other.. BLISS!) and super cute! I got an organizer to go on the back of mine and it's fabulous. Mine came with a plastic rain cover that covers the entire front of the stroller, so if it's pouring I can still put Ethan in the stroller and he wont get wet! LOVE IT! If we have more children, I will definitely get the MacLaren buggys again!

{3} Kate Spade Baby Bag/Vera Bradley Tote

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I decided that I needed a KS Baby Bag. Yes, it could have been only because of my addiction to KS, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made! I absolutely LOVED it! I pretty much used it as purse and baby bag for the entire first year of E's life. It was wonderful! As he got a little older and didn't require so much stuff, I downsized to just a simple VB tote. Now, we just use a little Stephen Joseph backpak with a few items in it. Other than a couple of extra pull-ups, he doesn't really need much, but it's more of a comfort thing for me to have a bag! You just never know.... esp with boys! :)

{4} First Years Take and Toss

I couldn't live without the Take and Toss utensils, cups and bowls! They are absolutely perfect for keeping in Ethan's backpak for eating out! I also use them for his lunches for MDO. So easy and so inexpensive! This way, I dont have a hissy when something doesn't get returned home!! :) Seriously.. they're great!!

{5} Baby Einstein CDs

Both of my kiddos have cd players in their rooms (well, now LK has an iHome, but still...). From birth they have been listening to the Baby Einstein CDs at bedtime and they love them! It's such a nice soothing way to get them to fall asleep. (and introduces them to some pretty great music in the process!)

Other things I loved:

* Bumbo chair - Ethan loved this! Although he did get too big to sit in it quite quickly! While he was small enough though, it was great!!

* Boppy - Who doesn't love the Boppy?!! I think I still have one floating around the house somewhere!!

* Pottery Barn Kids pajamas - Ethan still has a few of these left and i LOVE them!! I am convinced that they are truly the best pjs for babies! Ethan lived in their little pant and long sleeve onesie sets for his entire first two years!!

* video monitor - I was given one when I had LK and luckily it was still in practically new condition when Ethan was born, so I got to reuse it! Good thing too, they're expensive! I could not have lived without it!! It was such a comfort to be able to not only HEAR your baby, but SEE your baby! I would recommend a video monitor to every new mother!!

Well, that's my list! I'm sure there's tons more I liked when my kids were little, but that's just what I could think of right now! :)


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