Monday, October 5

Not Me . . .

I'm back participating in MckMama's "Not Me Monday"!!! ENJOY!

{1} I definitely did NOT pack my purse full of popcorn, candy, fruit snacks and juice boxes to take to the movies for the kiddos. NOPE! I was a courteous patron who purchased all of my overpriced yummy snacks from the concessions before I went in to see my flick! Yes.. that’s exactly what I would have done! (However, I would have saved about $30… IF I had!)

{2} I, of course, being a good mother, get right out of bed when I know my kiddos are up. {of course!!} So, I most certainly would not have “pretended” to be asleep for almost an hour on Sunday morning while my husband was downstairs making breakfast! Gosh.. who would do that?! Although, Ethan was still asleep and LK was watching A Little Princess, I still would have been up helping my sweet hubby and making him coffee! I bet I could have gotten a lot of blogging accomplished though.. too bad I, of course, didn’t!

{3} I most certainly did not give our chocolate lab, Dixie, a Benadryl before bed last night because she has dry skin and her constant scratching kept me up ALL night the night before! No WAY! I would have been a little more sympathetic to her being uncomfortable and just dealt with the minor annoyance. Besides, Is it even healthy for animals to have medicines like Benadryl??? Since, obviously, I don’t know this… I would not have taken any chances in giving it to our sweet, loving, family pup! I’m sure she would have slept like a baby if I would have given it to her though!


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Anonymous said...

too cute girl! I love it! Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! = )