Thursday, October 15

Thursday.. how I love you!

Thank goodness this week is almost over!! Don't get me wrong, it's gone by quick, but still.. it's been rainy and gross and just plain miserable! It has given me a chance to start thinking about Christmas though!! I know.. I know.. it's only October.. but it just sneaks up on before you know it!

I noticed that Toys R Us is doing "Wish Lists" this year. They're basically set up like a wedding or baby registry and you can list what your kid's want for Christmas! I thought this would be a great idea for the grandparents, great grandparents and everyone else who always ask what the kiddos want for Christmas! This way, no one gets the same thing and the kids are sure to enjoy it! It's not another useless toy that sits in the playroom and never gets played with!

So.. here are a few things that are on our Wish List so far!

LK wants a dollhouse... I thought this one was pretty, girly, yet classic (and not plastic!)
Next up, a digital camera! LK doesn't really do "age appropriate" toys! ha! Last year, (at 4) she got an iPod! This year.. a camera. And yes, she knows completely how to use it! - and take care of it! She wants either pink or purple. I found this little Kodak for $89!

She LOVES to spend the night away. So, I thought some cute quilted monogrammed duffles/toiletry bags would be a cute idea for her!

Now for Ethan... he's pretty easy this year! Although you can get a boy 80 different Tonka trucks and he's a happy camper! I really want to get him the Leapfrog Tag Jr. LK has a Leapster and he loves it! I thought this would be such a cute gift for him!!

He has the tall Sprig Discovery Rig in the picture below. I know he'd love the smaller vehicles next to it! (BTW - if you dont know what the Sprig vehicles are... look them up.. FABULOUS!!)

They also have the construction vehicles... SO CUTE!!

So, that's as far as I've gotten! What are the "IT" toys for this season?! I thought about taking the kid's to TRU to make lists, but that will just be a fiasco! HELP!

Other than that, I've been getting our Halloween costumes together! I can't wait to show you our costumes!! :) And we've been playing alot of Wii! Chris got the kids Toy Story Mania and we are in love with it!! It's SO much fun!

.. and a whole lot of laying around the house! (aren't they sweet!?) :)

What's on the agenda for tonight?! TV!! Thursday is really the only night we watch tv in our house. So, I take full advatage of my night of Grey's, Private Practice (which is great this season!), and Fringe! I'm also hoping to get into "Flash Forward".. it's been the hype lately!

Soccer was canceled AGAIN this week because of the rain! We're supposed to have a make-up game tomorrow night and another one Saturday morning. Looks like it's going to be a busy, busy weekend!!! Really looking forward to next Tuesday.. MY BIRTHDAY! :)


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Anonymous said...

cute pictures, love the wishlist{s}, and hating this stinking rain...Saturday the high is only 46 here!! Think we are in for a bad winter or what? haha. I am SO glad this week is almost over..hope you have a great weekend! = )

when I grow up I wanna be a toys-r-us kid... couldn't resist throwing that out there. hahahaha