Friday, October 16

Friday 5

Horray!!! Friday is here.. FINALLY! Although I dont know why I'm so excited.. it's FREEZING outside and we have a soccer game tonight! :( (but i'll get into that in a minute!)

Time for the Friday 5! I can feel the stress releasing as I type....

{1} Why is that the one morning of the week that you actually let yourself sleep an extra 15 min, and you are in return running late, your blow dryer decides to stop working?! Of course that would be the morning that it's about 48 degrees outside, so wet hair is not an option... unless of course, I want to sound like a seal tomorrow and be sick for a week! Great.. just great! Looks like I'm making a Target run this afternoon!

{2} Why do cough & cold medicines just not work for toddlers??? I spent 10 min in the medicine aisle at Walgreens the other night trying to find something that will clear up Ethan's cough. (he's had it for.. gosh.. a month it seems and it wont go away! nothing else is wrong with him!) EVERYTHING is for children 4 and up.. most are 6 and up! The only things that seem to help him.. Mucinex and Delsym... both of which are for kids 6 and up! So.. when I do finally break down and give him some, I only give him half the smalled dose (1/2 tsp) and watch him like a hawk! WHAT DO I DO?! The poor kid sounds like a seal! And let's not mention the fact that both of those medicines are about $10 a bottle! SERIOUSLY?!

{3} I've started getting Christmas stuff together for the kids.. and I have no idea what to get them! I've decided on a few things, but not much. I guess I just dont know what the "IT" gifts are for this year!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! LK is 5 going on 15 and Ethan is a ginormous 2.5 yr old! LK loves all things girly, pink and "big" for her age. Ethan is a sports maniac and loves Toy Story, Thomas the Train and Bob! HELP!

{4} WEATHER... I HATE YOU! Other than about 6 days of sunshine, it has been rainy and just plain gross here for over a month! We have played a total of 3 soccer games in that time period.. all others have been re-scheduled. So.. that means, we have one tonight (in the freezing cold weather.. i'm SO anticipating the hissy fit LK is going to throw over that one!) AND one tomorrow morning! Crappy weather.. please go away!

{5} My check engine light came on yesterday! I am beginning to hate my car! Dont get me wrong.. up until the past year, it's been great! I never had any issues with it! I bought it when I was pregnant with LK in '03 and paid it off last year. I think it's true what they say though... "you pay it off.. it falls apart!" So.. not only is it beginning to get on my nerves for those reasons.. it is now too small! I have two kiddos (maybe a 3rd soon!) who are getting very active into sports and other things. There is just not enough room! So.. (just in case my hubby is reading this today..) THIS is what I want...
The Volvo XC90 or the V70! I know.. a STATIONWAGON?! HA! (i've turned into the ultimate soccer mom!haha!) But seriously.. have you sat in one of these?? I'm telling you.. you sit in and you will fall in love! So.. yes.. I WILL be getting a Volvo.. it's just a matter of us deciding to cough up that car payment every month! UGH!



Love from Texas said...

Ok so 1. we have the same, irritating cough going on. no fever. just cough. i use my nursing drug book to self prescribe knox big kid meds. (it will give you mg/kg dose, and then you plug in your child's weight, and the meds mg/ml concentration to get the ml dose. i always round DOWN just so i'm not giving him so much meds...) you can prob find the same info on a reputable medication website... or if you ask your dr they'll usually tell you a safe toddler dose.
2. we're getting knox the radio flyer rocking horse as one of his 'big' Santa gifts. i figure it's a classic that he will have forever (my mom still has ours) and it will look exciting under the tree...
and 3. i'm in the same boat with my car. LOVE not having a note. but totally itching for a more roomy, SAFER upgrade!

stickles family: the blog said...

thanks for the medicine info! i'm going to do that!! it's so frustrating trying to figure out how much to give him!:)

short southern momma said...

I am sooooo with you on number 4. it is the whopping 43 degrees here right sick of it! My check engine light stays on. I have had it at the VW place like 20 times and they cant figure it out...but it still runs like a dream. Hope you have a great weekend! = )