Sunday, October 25

Pumpkins & Tooth Fairies

Oh, I was such a bad blogger this past week!!! I am SOO sorry! I promise I will catch up on all my Proverbs tomorrow! :) My life has been taken over by Sweet Lemons this week, although I am definitely not complaining! :)

This weekend has been a rollercoaster of excitment! (good AND bad!) We started the weekend Friday night by going to Zoo Boo! Zoo Boo is an event held at the Memphis Zoo every October. The entire zoo is decked out for Halloween and you can even trick-or-treat! The kids had a blast!!! As you can see below, we are the Toy Story gang this year! (surprise, surprise!.. ha!)

*yes... as soon as he got the costume on, he was leaping off of every piece of furniture in the house, yelling "To Infinity.. And Beyond!"*

We went to Zoo Boo with our good friends, The Caldwell's... Addyson is Cindy Lou Who this year! She was absolutelly adorable!! :)

Bo Peep has found her sheep!!

The Caldwell's

We had such an amazing time at Zoo Boo with our dear friends!!! We will definitely be going again next year!

Saturday morning started off with yet another soccer game! (3 left.. we're counting down!) Of course, our little David Beckham's played their hearts out and we came home with a WIN! After the game we went out to Collierville to do a little shopping. Unfortunately this year I have had to buy the kiddos a complete new winter wardrobe! Shoes, jeans, pants.. EVERYTHING! Trust me.. it has NOT been fun for my bank account! :( But.. I did manage to find the adorable little Stride Rite sneakers for E. He says that they make him run faster! ha! I like them because they were only $20 at Dillards! (BTW - if anyone needs little boys jeans size 18-24mo.. I have about 5 pair you can have!)

We worked up quite the appetitel while shopping, so we stopped at Chili's for some lunch. Then headed to the grocery for food shopping! After all the lunch and shopping was finished, we went by Noni and Papa's so Papa could take a look at LK's loose tooth! It's been loose for about week now, so we thought it was about time to let Papa pull it. Well... he tried.. and he tried.. and she cried.. and she cried... so we went home with a tooth still in! But, typical Lilly Kate just could not stand it! As soon as she got home she decided that she was just going to pull it herself! (oh my.. this child!) So...
She pulled...

And she tugged...

And.. finally.... out popped her FIRST tooth!!

She was completely in shock that she actually did it!!!

She was SO excited to have lost her first tooth!! She put it under her pillow and woke up with $2 from the tooth fairy! (even though she requested $12! hahaha!) I can not believe that my little girl has lost a tooth!

Now.. for the bad...

We woke up this morning and started getting ready for church and out of no where both kids started throwing up! OH.MY.GOODNESS! I can handle stinky diapers all day long... throw up.. NO WAY! On top of the throwing up, Ethan was having HORRID pull ups! So, needless to say, we did not make it to church! (oh... my husband has picked up this bug too!)

The good news is that we were able to make it out of the house for about an hour to go get a pumpkin to carve. We headed out to the patch and got some great finds! We can not wait to carve them this week! :)

So.. our weekend ended with everyone cuddled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed! Not even chicken and rice could make this fam perk up! :( Hopefully this is just a 24hr bug and will be gone in the morning! And let's hope even more that MOMMY does not join the sick list!

This week is going to be jammed packed with so much stuff, but we are all definitely looking forward to it! We have Aunt Brittany's birthday, Daddy's birthday, Halloween, Race for the Cure and Stickles Family Fun Fest on Halloween night!! :) Can't wait!



Love from Texas said...

oh wow! i can't believe LK pulled her own tooth out?!?! haha... and let me know if you still have those jeans by thanksgiving. we'll be in town and will GLADLY take them off of your hands!

Leigh said...

Love all your pics! Your children are adorable! Cute costumes as well! I heard the stomach bug is going around bad {purell is my best friend!!}hah! Hope everyone is feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like y'all had a blast at the zoo boo! I wish we had something like that. The costumes are too cute! Speaking of tooth fairies, I just had to shell out 10 bucks for a tooth because it was all I had in my wallet. I am doomed! {haha-thank goodness there are only 3 baby teeth left} Hope your having a great day! = )