Friday, October 9

Friday Five

{1} So, Tuesday we were supposed to have soccer practice (so I thought!). Well, by around 2ish, it was raining.. so practice canceled, right?! WRONG! And not only was it still on.. it was a GAME! AHHH!! Chris has class on Tuesday nights, so that left me and two kids rushing around trying to make it in time! Of course, it had rained, so that meant rainboots! UGH! We got there at about 5:40, unloaded the car.. about lost it when Ethan removed his rainboots b/c they were muddy – um, hello.. it RAINED!... rushed two kids, chairs, soccer equipment and all to the field, only to stand around for the next 10 min until her coach got there to tell us where to go! OH.MY.GOODNESS… what a night! Not to mention that by the end of the game Ethan had removed the boots, the muddy socks and was just running around barefoot! I’m sure that was REAL sanitary! I think I dislike soccer about as much as LK does! ;)

{2} ALL summer McDonald’s was selling their large cokes for $1. It was GREAT! Well, it’s been a few weeks since I had gone to get one. So, I pulled into the drive-thru and asked for a large coke.. $1.90.. WHAT?! I asked why and the lady was very rudely so kind enough to tell me that they were no longer $1! Gosh.. day ruined, right there!

{3} I took Ethan to school this morning.. 20 min from my house only to realize that I had left my purse (license, money, belongings..everything) at home! I had to drive ALL the way back home to get everything and then head ALL the way back out to where I originally was! I swear, my mind is just a big ole scatterbrained mess sometimes!

{4} Why can't the rain go away?! Just asking...

{5} We've been using the same dry cleaner for a few months now and like them ok. Their work is pretty good and they're not overpriced.. works for me! So, just when I think that I'm really starting to like them I come home with THREE shirts ruined! You know the plastic attachments they use to put the ticket on your item?! Well, instead of putting it through the tag, they put it through the actual shirts! 2 of Chris's polos (Lacoste and Vineyard Vines) have 2 holes in the back of each and one of my blouses from Banana is the same way! OH, I am NOT ok with that! I asked the owner what the policy was and he told me that they refund 10% of the shirt cost. Umm.. NO! You are NOT giving me $7 for for brand new $70 polo! You will be replacing it.. Yes, you will!



Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on the rain! geezzzzz...and that about the cookie just ruined my day too! haha.

Candice Lynn said...

1. SO sad about the $1 McDonalds drinks :(

2. Amen on the rain going please

3. I laughed out loud at my desk thinking about you sitting in the rain watching our little Princess play soccer =)

4. The dry cleaners ruined my favorite dress last week. The shrunk the outside so the lining hangs out all the way around. NOT OK

i miss you like crazy!