Thursday, October 8

. . . the rest of the weekend . . .

Ok, I know I promised this WAY earlier this week and I truly do apologize! I just dont know where the week has gone!

Well, you all know that on Sunday of this past weekend, it was rainy and gross, so we took the kid's to see the Toy Story double feature. (go here) But Saturday, on the other hand, was absolutely gorgeous!! You could not have asked for a more perfect "summer going into fall" day! We started the day off with LK's soccer game.. the first one in over a month! So, we were so excited to get all the family together and cheer on our little soccer star! She, of course!, kicked butt on the field and blocked TWO HUGE kicks at the end of the game, which caused the game to be tied! Horry for LK!! She had a blast! (still doesn't like soccer.. but she had fun.. ha!)

After the game, we took advantage of the incredibly beautiful day and headed out to visit the Memphis Botanic Gardens. In August, they opened a new section of the gardens designed specifically for children. It's called "My Big Backyard" and it was a blast!! We packed a picnic and spent 3 glorious hours running around and having a ball! If you live in Memphis or a nearby vicinity, I HIGHLY recommend taking your kiddos! We will definitely be going again... ALOT!

LK wanted to take these home.. so if anyone knows where I can get some butterfly chairs like these she would appreciate it greatly.. ha!

I love my little man!

Seriously, wouldn't you love to have a playhouse like this in your backyard?!

It was filled with "musical insturments" on the walls... Ethan was in heaven!!

the worm holes...

Yes, I love this man... I really really do!

So.. there was a big bird's nest.. I thought it would be a cute picture. These two stepped in and immediately struck the same pose. Absolutely hilarious.. and proof that she is indeed a clone of her father! Not only does she look like his twin.. she acts JUST LIKE HIM! Best picture.. EVER!

After we left the gardens, we stopped by Whole Foods for some shopping. Oh how I love some Whole Foods!! So, all in all, it was a perfect day! Those are the types of days I live for.. lots of smiles, ridiculous amounts of laughter and huge bear hugs as they're falling asleep as you put them in the car. Motherhood... 100% love it!


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Mandy said...

That is awesome! What a wonderful way to spend time together!! I need to take Noah before it gets cold!