Tuesday, October 6

Tuesday's List: Current Obsessions

Today, my friend, Jessica, is starting up a new blog carinval called "Tuesday's List". I absolutely love her idea and am so excited to participate! This week's topic... Current Obsessions! And oh, do I have plenty of those!! ha! So.. enjoy my current obsessions and go over to Jessica's blog and take a peek at her's!

{1} Fall tv lineup

Ok.. I actually dont get to watch these shows while they're showing, but that is why i LOVE DVR! We dont watch television in our house in the evenings, so Chris and I will typically catch up on shows after the kid's have gone to bed. My faves... Fringe, House, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

{2} Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

OH, the yummy goodness!! Seriously, I can not get enough of them these days! My favorite is the "Hyde Park" from J.Alexander's.. but honestly just one homemade on the grill is good enough for me! :)

{3} Coke

No.. not the illegal substance!!! Just the good ole fashioned Coca-Cola (fountain, prefered!) I know.. I know.. it's terrible for me! And I promise that I do try to set a limit! But sometimes, a Route 44 during Sonic's Happy Hour is enough to just make my day!!

{4} Cardigans

I dont know what it is with cardigans this year, but I just can't get enough of them! I have one in particular that I promise you I have worn almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! Seriously, people are going to start thinking that I have no other clothes in my closet! ha! This is probably why I have refused to walk into J.Crew for about a month now.. every time I do.. I come out with another cardigan! What is wrong with ME?!

{5} Organic Nighty Night Tea

I found this at Whole Foods, while shopping, the other day! I decided to give it a try. The kid's LOVE it!! (and i really do think it helps to calm them down a little before bed!) It's has a nice flavor and is super easy to make! They have several different teas to choose from! Go to Whole Foods and grab one! :)

Ok..... I could go on and on and on and on.. trust me! I'm just going to stop there though! I hope you enjoyed my current obsessions!! Thanks for the idea, Jess! :)



Anonymous said...

Love your list! You know I am right there with ya on #3! Too addicting! Hope your having a great day!! Don't know about down your way..but it is storming here. booo

Love from Texas said...

gosh i'm soooo happy to see GA and PP back on again. thank heavens for DVR!!! and i've been doing the 31 Prov in 31 Days with you and am really enjoying breaking it down that way. much less daunting... except i usually end up missing a day or so and have to play catch up :)