Tuesday, October 13

Tuesday's List : Fave Stores!

Ok, it's that time again... Tuesday's List! I'm REALLY excited about today's topic... Favorite Stores! Boy, do I have bunch of those! In fact, when I started making my list... it was getting a little ridiculous! If there's one thing I love (and am good at..) it's shopping! :)

First up.. FOOD! (the most important thing in our house.. ha!)

I love Whole Foods! I strive to give my kids healthy food. We try to buy as much organic, whole wheat items as possible. Unfortunately, these aren't as easily available in the regular grocery stores yet. So.. off to Whole Foods I go for such items. It's great for fruits & veggies, snacks, pastas, juice box drinks, meats, non dairy - dairy stuff! (we love the SOY!) I dont get everything there.. just the stuff I know I can't get at Kroger. It's a little more pricey too, so I try to behave myself, b/c trust me.. it could get a little out of hand!

For all the normal, every day goodies.. Kroger! I am a Kroger shopper all the way! I know some things can be way less expensive at Walmart, but I just can't do Walmart.. sorry! The constant overcrowding and absolutely no checkout lines.. EVER.. just annoys me to no end!

The rest of my stores are just all my faves for one reason or another. My #1 rule.. always, always shop online AND in store! You wouldn't believe the price differences I have found on things this way! One Baby Gap shirt may cost $18.99 online and I go in store and it's $9.99! (and vice versa) I have saved SO much money this way!! LOVE LOVE online shopping!!

(my sweet hubby got me the greatest canvas bins from here.. the BEST organizational stuff in the world.. makes my life a little easier every day!)

(pretty much exactly like PBK, but a little less expensive!)

(i love CB for all the random little kitch goodies they have! super cheap!!)

(obviously, I have a minor.. ok, major.. obsession with PB & PBK! i can't help myself! at least we have an outlet nearby!)

Who doesn't love Target?!

Love WS! I have lots of their kitchen towels, aaprons, pot holders & mits, baking ware.. just lots! It's great kitchen stuff and it lasts forever! My favorite WS purchase.. our pizza stone! I dont think life existed before the pizza stone! ;)

Some of my other faves...

Children's clothes - Baby Gap, Crewcuts and Old Navy. I like very simple, solid colored clothing for my kiddos. No embelishments.. nothing that will look completely out of style next month. I dont buy their clothes anywhere else.. except an occasional Target purchase. I also love the PBK pajamas! I tend to spend a little more on some of their things, but they last FOREVER! I dont mind spending a little more money to get a little more wear out of them. (ON last forever too though and it's CHEAP!) Sames goes for shoes.. I am a Stride Rite Mama!! :)

My shoes - Saks! Have you ever been to Saks' shoe department?! Heaven on Earth, I tell ya! Good thing there is not a Saks near Memphis! My kid's would be eating cereal and hot dogs every day.. haha!

Hobby Lobby - I promise you that you can find me in HL at least twice a week! They have the cutest holiday decorations! Just about anything I need is at HL! Love it!

Well, those are most of my faves!


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Anonymous said...

Great list!! I think you know how I feel about the PB {haha} and if there were a Target closer than 2 hours away to me...I would be there everyday! Hope your having a great day! = )