Friday, October 30

Show Us Your Life : Halloween Costumes

With Ethan's obsession of all things Toy Story, we are going to be the Toy Story gang for Halloween this year! We are SOO excited!! I went ahead and bought the kid's costumes this year, but usually I try to have them handmade. It was just easier, seeing as how Ethan's costume required wings and a jet pack! ha! So, LK got to be Bo Peep and Ethan is, of course, Buzz Lightyear! Chris is going to be Woody and I'm going to be Jesse! I've been trying to come up with cute ways to make our chocolate lab look like Slinky dog, but i doubt she'll keep anything on!

Here's my little Buzz ... doesn't he just look SO happy to be Buzz!
And my sweet Bo Peep!

I dont have any pictures of mine and Chris' costume yet, b/c I was still putting them together at the last min last night. (i guess some things never change.. ha!) I know i'll have a ton from Saturday night though!! :)
I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled Halloween!!!


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Anonymous said...

ohhhh. The kiddos are too cute girl! Hope y'all have a great weekend! = )