Friday, October 2

Friday Five!

Friday Five is your chance to let a little steam off, or just talk about something that's been on your mind all week! Here's my Friday Five! Enjoy!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving down the street and there’s a point where traffic is going to merge into your lane (like an interstate off ramp, maybe?!) and instead of MERGING, they just plow right into your lane and come “way too close for comfort” close to side swiping you?! OH.MY.GOODNESS! This happens to me at least once a week and I typically about come unglued when this happens. I usually have my kids in the car with me and I’m a cautious driver…. So you be one too! Please! Give me a chance to change lanes so you can merge.. don’t just assume that you have the right away.. YOU DON’T! You only have the right to MERGE when you’re able to!

{2}Why is it that food that is actually healthy for your kids is WAY more expensive than the crappy stuff?? Seriously, I stood in the “juice box” aisle for 10 min in Kroger the other day just reading all the labels! First of all… over half of the drinks are ridiculously bad for kids! I mean, come on, we should all know by know that artificial sweetener is a NO-NO for kiddos! It took me a good 2 or 3 minutes to find one that didn’t have it! My other requirement… 100% juice! Once I finally found one that was actually good for my kids to drink.. it, of course, cost a good $3 more than all the others! CRAZY! Same goes for snacks too! Lately, I’ve been making the switch to all organic stuff for them… and yep.. costs way more money! That just seems unfair to me! Just because I want my children to be healthy and eat things that are good for them, I have to pay more money! UGH!

{3}Cat Litter… I don’t care what the package says… that litter box STILL stinks! I hate it! And by the way… LILLY KATE’S kittens have only had LILLY KATE change their litter about 3 times! I think a change is needed in the Stickles house!

{4}Dress your children “weather” appropriate.. please! This time of year, it is chilly in the mornings but hot by the afternoon. I can’t tell you the number of kids I see walking to school in the mornings in short sleeves and shorts. Yes… it’s going to warm up, but right now.. IT’S COLD! Do what I do… I make LK wear a sweater/light jacket so she can take it off once she’s inside. It’s not that hard! And then you wonder why your child constantly has a runny nose this time of year!

{5}Just something I’ve been thinking about… room mom crafts! I’m really trying to hard to make this such a fun year for LK’s Kindergarten class. I’ve been searching the internet for Fall craft ideas. The problem is that her school does not celebrate Halloween, so any craft related to Halloween isn’t an option. So… Can ya’ll help me??? I’d much appreciate it! :)


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Anonymous said...

Great list girl!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!