Wednesday, October 14

it's wednesday!

First up for my Wednesday post...

Yep, Short Southern Mama's "What's In There Wednesday". This week.. what's in your town? Well, I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. I've lived here my entire life.. well, most of it anyway! (I actually live about 20min outside of the city, in the suburbs.. but Memphis all the same!) So.. here's just a few things I love about Memphis...

*the Peabody ducks.. well, the Peabody in general! :)
*Beale Street... it's been A LONG time since i've really gone out on Beale, but back in the day... i LOVED it! (esp when we had Pat O'Briens!!)
*ELVIS!! - and all things related... Graceland, Sun Studio.. all of it!
*the bridge and river front.. so beautiful!
*Memphis Zoo! - we have the #1 zoo in the nation.
*Botanic Gardens - love them.. and the new "Big Backyard"!
*the fact that we have some of the most beautful "Old South" homes still standing, like Hunt-Phelan

Next up, I'm participating in Kelsey's "Wishful Wednesday"

Today's topic...

'I wish' I had one particular talent, and that would be . . .

to be a Rockette!

Oh. My. Goodness! How I would love to live another life and be a Rockette!!! I took tap dance (and ballet) for over 16 years when I was younger... all the way through till college. I dreamed of being a Rockette. Only problem... i'm only 5'2"! I know... it sucks! Unfotunately they dont make 3 1/2 in heeled tap shoes! :( I've seen the Rockettes perform and they're amazing. I would have loved to have been on Broadway too... but I can't sing! haha! Oh well.. maybe in my next life! (or maybe LK will be at least 5'7"!!) :)

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!



Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your blog is amazing and I am so glad you played WW because now I found you!!! Ohh to live the live of an amazing dancer :)

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to go visit Graceland FOREVER!! I would love to come visit Memphis sometime! I love the Rockette's! We went to see them last year and Macy was in awe. She has been taking dance for 5 years now and that is one of her dreams too!! Thanks so much for playing along today!! XOXO

stickles family: the blog said...

thanks, ladies!! i'm so glad to have found both of you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from The Seattle Smith's and I agree being a Rockette would be amazing!