Sunday, May 9

Happy Birthday Paxton!

Saturday morning, we headed out to Collierville for Paxton's birthday party. Paxton is Ethan and Lilly Kate's cousin. (Chris' cousin, Tiffany's, little boy) The kids always love getting to play with Pax, so they were so excited!

The Birthday Boy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Pax!

blowing out his candle..

of course, my kiddos were the first in line for the cupcakes! ;)

After everyone was beginning to leave, we headed out back for a little bubble fun! They had a blast!

The party was wonderful, Tiff! You did a great job! :)

After the party, we went to the Lichterman Nature Center and out to lunch.. I'll post pics of that and of Mother's Day soon!



Melody said...

I clicked on your blog through Cassie's and have been reading for a few weeks. My little girl was at Paxton's party on Saturday with my husband! Just thought, what a small world it is. My husband and Matt were really good friends growing up so I sent him since I worked on Friday night.

Your kids are really cute and I love all the creative things you make :)

Southerland Living said...

Your kids are so sweet! Hope that you had a great Mother's Day!