Sunday, May 2

Parties Galore!

Lately, it has been party central at my house! I have one order after another and several overlapping each other. I dont think I've been to bed before 11 in almost two weeks! I can't complain though.. I absolutely LOVE what I do!!! And, I am SOOOO incredibly thankful for the orders!! The business however has taken it's toll... here is the current state of my desk...


Oh well.. it'll get clean one day! :)

Here's a few of the items that I've been working on..

a banner for a suprise birthday party at the casinos

(and my own personal "Vanna" to show it off! ha!)

here's the invite! (i guess i didn't take a pic before i dropped it off, so you'll have to be content with the proof.. SORRY!) this is a picture of the birthday boy in his younger years!

baby banner for "western" themed room

wedding shower/reception invite

and a birthday party invite for Miss Anna-Claire!

and that's not even half! I've had an entire "Superhero" theme full of paper products.. including, banners, invites, goodie bag tags and waterbottle labels. There's also another set of products for a bachelorette party, invites for Jennifer's bachelorette party, invites & announcements for LK's Kindergarten Graduation party.. and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Goodness, maybe I'll think about breathing somewhere in the middle of all that! :)

I'll try to post some more pics later this week as more gets printed!


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