Friday, May 7

Show Us Your Life - Kid's (or future kid's) Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today, at Kelly's Korner, they are talking about our kid's (or future kid's) names. You know, growing up you always have your favorite little names that you would always name your baby dolls, and you'd pick out names for your future children. It seemed SO easy! I have to say though, that when you're naming your actual child.. it is SO hard! Naming a child is such an important thing and you want to make sure you get it right b/c you can't change it! ;) Not to mention that you have someone else in the mix with a say! Finding a name that you both agree on and just love can be quite difficult!

Our first child is:

Lilly Kate

I just had this instinct from Day 1 that LK was going to be a girl. So.. boys names were never considered. I always knew that I wanted something "Southern" and a double name. I just loved the name Kate, it just sounds so elegant, yet simple. Although, just about my entire pregnancy her name was Anna Katelyn. Anna was for my mother, who's middle name is Ann, and for Chris' mother, who's first name is Ann. But, leave it to the pregnancy hormones, Lilly came out of nowhere in the last few days of pregnancy! And I dropped the Katelyn down to just Kate. She is definitely a Lilly though! I absolutely LOVE her name! She'll always have to spell it out for people though, b/c they always want to spell it with only 1 "l" , Lily instead of Lilly.

A funny story about LK and her name.. a few weeks ago after church, I was looking at her little craft that she did in Sunday school and I noticed that she wrote her initials. But, she wrote LSK instead of LKS. I thought to myslef, my goodness, my child is in Kindergarten and can read books, but doesn't know her initials. So, I asked her if she knew what her initials are. I got the "gosh, mom.. are you really that stupid??!" look and she said, "Ummm.. Yes! LSK!" So, I said, "Lil, your initials are LKS for Lilly Kate Stickles." She thought a min and responded with, "Well, then why does everything I have with my initials say LSK??!" It hit me.. she was RIGHT! Everything she does own that has her initials monogrammed says LSK! So, she thought that's how initials were supposed to be! haha! I got the biggest laugh out of that and of course Chris just rolled his eyes at me! Looks like I need to lay off the monogramming for a while! OOPS! ;)

Ethan Carter
When baby #2 came along, naming was even more difficult. I wanted something to compliment Lilly's name, but not be matchy-matchy. One of our top picks though was Landon, so we almost ended up with two "L" names. Just like with the first one, I just had this feeling that I knew the sex of the baby, so girl names were never really considered. Besides, there wasn't just anything that we loved.. good thing! ha! Once we found out for sure that we were having a boy, I pretty much gave Chris the go-ahead for the name of his choice. I felt bad that I had really just named LK on my own and he was just so excited to be having a boy.. so, he got to choose! I told him that I wanted something classic though and not trendy, but luckily, we both really liked all of the same names. He finally chose Ethan Carter. Why, you may ask.. b/c it was a good "baseball" name! haha! BOYS?! But, I loved Ethan b/c it was so... just "handsome" and simple. It also went really well with Lilly.

Now.. for all you "real life friends".. yes, there has been talk of Baby Stickles #3 in the near future.. but NO.. I am NOT pregnant and will not be for quite some time! ha! :) But when baby #3 is on his/her way, I can promise you that DAVIS will be part of the name in some way, to honor my grandfather David. Some of the other names we like for Baby#3 are Gray, Benjamin, Ellie or Elle, and Caroline. SO.. we shall see, friends!



Natasha said...

love love love all the names... and that is HILARIOUS about LK's monogram--haha!!!

The Kimbrells said...

That's so crazy about your kid's names because I have a 15 month old named "Lily Kate" and hopefully when we have a little boy one day his name will be "Carter". How crazy! I saw the title of your post on Kelly's Korner and thought it was neat. Love those Southern Names!!

Stephanie Trapp said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and just had to comment when I saw your daughter's name! My four year old is Lillie Kate (Lillie Katherine) and I've loved the name forever. I, too, wanted a double name, something Southern, and just adored the name Kate. One day I heard the name and just knew that was "it"!

You have a beautiful family!